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Last updated 29th Nov 2022

Money-Zine is an investing newsletter, and the website is broken down into three distinct areas or sections: Investing, Career Development, and Financial Planning. Each of these sections is further separated into categories.

The site was originally put together as an "e-Zine." The intention was to assemble a large mailing list, and notify the registered users about upcoming articles. Instead, this site relies on search engines to drive traffic as well as RSS feeds. It's still possible to execute against the investing newsletter strategy in the future.

Newsletter Sections

The original design of Money-Zine was broken down into three distinct sections. The intention was to offer something that many readers could relate to in their lives. Over the remainder of this article, each section will be discussed as well as the categories contained therein.

Career Development

The Career Development section of this site is further broken down into three categories:

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the largest section found in Money-Zine, covering seven categories of information:


This final section addresses Investing topics:

  • Investing: not an easy topic for everyone to understand, but the articles are, including one entitled investing for dummies.
  • Mutual Fund: one of the first ways that new investors break into the stock market. Mutual funds are a simple way to quickly build an investment portfolio.
  • Stocks: includes a comprehensive series on stock research, with plans to make this category one of the cornerstones of the newsletter.

Definitions and Calculators

Originally, only articles were going to be offered on this website. Over time, there emerged a need to help with a baseline of information too. This is where the Definitions and Calculators sections come into play.

The definitions section mirrors the rest of the website, and is divided into three categories: career, financial and investing; which support each of the main sections.

Finally, the online calculators published here are among the best on the web. These tools have been divided into five different categories: retirement, investing, mortgage, car loan, and personal loans.

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Moneyzine Editor