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Last updated 10th Jun 2022

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We're well-known for our financial calculators, helping you cut through the math and giving you the numbers you need to manage & plan your lifestyle. Some of our most popular calculators include:

Tax Rate Calculator: 2017 through 2021

This online tool can compute the 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017 federal income tax rates, also known as tax brackets, for individuals. The calculator takes into consideration, wages, salaries, income, adjustments to income, deductions, as well as exemptions. The calculator not only provides an estimate of federal income tax owed, but also Social Security and Medicare taxes too.

2021 State Income Tax Rates

Unlike the federal government, which has a series of tax brackets that apply to all U.S. taxpayers, state-level income tax rates are not standardized. In fact, several states do not even have an income tax but rely on other sources of funds to provide essential services to their residents.

2021 State Sales Tax Rates

The money owed on purchases can be confusing due to differences in state sales tax rates. Adding to that confusion is the World Wide Web, which makes purchasing merchandise from a company doing business in another state an everyday affair.

Average Home Prices 2020

The renewed faith in the American economy and housing market that came to a screeching halt in 2019 picked up again 2020, resulting in an increase in the selling price of homes over the past year.

Moneyzine Editor

Moneyzine Editor