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Last updated 25th Nov 2022

Our approach to resume writing is quite simple:  a resume is a personal advertisement for your services and it has to be a good one.  It's your resume that gets you noticed by a recruiter or hiring manager.  That means the upfront work involved with putting together a resume that will highlight your achievements and downplay your shortcomings is well worth the effort.

There are three styles of resumes in use today: combination, functional and chronological. Each style has its strengths and weaknesses. As its name implies, the combination resume borrows from the best features of the other two styles, and is most effective when the writer has a great deal of experience.

There are three styles of resumes in use today: combination, functional and chronological. Each style has its strengths and weaknesses. The chronological resume is most effective for individuals that are looking for a job that logically follows the progression of their careers.

There are three styles of resumes in use today: combination, functional and chronological. Each style has its strengths and weaknesses. The functional resume is most effective for individuals that want to emphasize what they know, and not where they've worked in the past.

The term professional resume can be interpreted in two ways.  The first has to do with producing a resume that looks professional or polished.  The second has to do with the types of information a professional would include on their resume.

Curriculum vitae, or CVs, are often used by the academic community instead of resumes.  While some might say that a curriculum vita does not need to follow a standard format, there are some content expectations among readers.

In addition to resume templates, word processing applications may include a resume wizard too.  Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions as to how to use one.  No doubt they can be helpful, if the user follows the right process.

A tool often used to remind job applicants about the important types of information to include in a resume is a template.  In the same way an outline helps a writer to organize their thoughts; a resume template ensures the highest quality document is produced.

All it takes to build a resume is an internet connection and some disk space on a personal computer.  In fact, anyone with access to a word processing application can start building a resume immediately.

Experienced writers know the value of organizing their thoughts.  Creating an outline saves time, and eliminates the possibility of omitting important information; this holds true whether the written document is a novel or a resume.

The purpose of writing a resume is to convey the skills, knowledge, and experience of a job applicant.  The job marketplace is competitive, so it's important to make sure a resume is as effective as possible.  One of the ways to increase its effectiveness is by using power words.

Job hunters frequently see openings that seem well-suited to their experience, but they're often left wondering what words or phrases to use on their resume.  While there is certainly an art to writing a resume, there's also a science too.

Weakness in the job market may well be followed by an increase in cases of resume fraud.  But even when the economy is healthy, there are stories in the news about executives that stretched the truth a bit too far on their resumes.  That's unfortunate, because when companies hire unqualified job applicants, everyone loses.

An important part of the resume writing learning process involves the review of samples.  While it's useful to understand the correct resume format to use; samples allow the writer to visualize how the information is assembled on the document.

This article is going to start with a brief overview of objective statements, including how they are used in both resumes as well as cover letters.  Next, a format will be reviewed, including the three components of a good objective statement.  Finally, examples will be provided, illustrating how to go about writing an objective statement.

Executives oftentimes find themselves in the situation where they've moved up the corporate ladder based on their performance, not necessarily because of the information found on their resumes.  When looking for a new job, their resumes might be in need of a significant update.

In this article, we're going to explain an effective approach police officers can take when writing their resumes.  That discussion will include a brief overview of the profession, the three most common resume styles, example language, as well as a document that can be downloaded.

While the accountants in smaller companies may be responsible for a wider array of topics, those working in larger organizations may specialize in certain disciplines.  Even within a department, jobs can range from junior accountants through comptrollers.

Much like medical doctors, nursing occupations are a complex structure of specialty professions.  When writing a resume, a nurse's specialized training, knowledge, and experience require special consideration.

The title of this article might be resumes for older workers, but its purpose is to help guide those individuals with a great deal of work experience.  Older, or more senior, employees have an advantage over their younger counterparts.  They've been around longer, and have knowledge that is more valuable.

Instructing students is a valuable role that teachers play in our society.  A teacher's resume needs to convey both the knowledge they possess as well as their skills.

Whether it's an internship, summer job, or that first "real" profession, college students all face the same challenge.  It's important to write a resume that highlights the knowledge gained in school, while not drawing attention to a lack of work experience.

Putting together the best possible application for college can mean the difference between receiving an acceptance letter and being rejected.  Creating a great resume to accompany the college application not only helps a student put their best foot forward, but also helps to organize their accomplishments into one document..

This article is going to discuss how to go about writing resumes for college internships.  But first it's worth mentioning that working with a college intern is an absolutely wonderful experience.  We've worked with several interns over the years, and interacted with many more.

Finding a job can be difficult, especially for high school students without a lot of work-related experience.  A well-written resume can provide the edge a student needs in today's competitive workplace.

While there is a difference between sales and marketing jobs, the two departments frequently work closely together.  That's one of the reasons this article addresses resumes for either sales or marketing positions.

The job market continues to be competitive, so creating a resume that grabs the reader's attention is important.  Administrative assistant and executive secretary jobs are no exception; it's important their resumes are professionally written too.

When tough financial times hit home, one-income households can sometimes use a temporary boost to help them make ends meet.  Homemakers often find themselves scrambling to update their resumes, but they frequently don't know where to start.

While chefs, cooks, and food preparation workers arrange a large assortment of foods in a variety of restaurants and establishments; there are some basic rules they can all follow to create a successful resume.

If there is one thing a project manager knows, it's the importance of staying organized.  The same can be said about putting together a resume.  A properly constructed document needs just as much organization and thought as a Gantt chart.

In the business world, hiring managers shouldn't be concerned with the appearance of the job applicant.  But a casting director needing to fill a role on stage, film, or television, may be looking for special physical characteristics in the actor.  This is just one of several attributes that make resumes for actors special.

In today's fast pace world, some individuals don't have time to read through pages of information.  The "Just tell me what I need to know?" attitude prevails.  That's what resumes for dummies is all about.

Resumes are of critical importance to anyone looking for a job.  Composing a resume that gets results doesn't happen by chance.  It may be part art and part science, but following a prescribed format will increase the writer's prospects of being invited to a job interview.

Many entry level job seekers believe they are at a disadvantage because they have little or no work experience.  That's certainly true if they're looking for a position that requires a lot of on-the-job knowledge.

The use of resume writing services is becoming more popular due to the competitiveness of the job market.  As jobs get scarcer, individuals are looking for the edge that a resume service can provide.

The Internet has created a means to accelerate the dissemination of information with pinpoint accuracy.  One such way job seekers can use this capability to get noticed is with an electronic resume posting service.

While it's fairly easy to find information on resume writing, it's more challenging to find advice on how to go about writing a cover letter.  That's unfortunate because cover letters are typically the first document read by the hiring manager or by staffing personnel.

A cover letter is usually the first document read by a potential employer; even before a resume.  It's important to make sure the letter conveys the right message.  The use of what are known as power words can help.

The majority of information found online treats cover letters as if they were far less important than the resume itself.  Unfortunately, this understates the value of a well-written document, and limits the number of resume cover letter samples available for review.

In this article, we're going to briefly explain the four major sections of a cover letter.  Then we'll transition directly into four examples, which help visualize how a well-written cover letter is constructed.  These downloadable documents can also serve as templates, providing users with a format to follow when constructing their own letters.

Due to the popularity of the cover letters previously published, this article contains four additional examples.  While these letters follow a consistent format, they cover a wider variety of scenarios.

In the age of electronics and downsized organizations, companies are processing job applicants at incredibly high speeds.  While the format chosen and the words appearing on a resume are important, it's equally important the document can be effectively scanned into a database.

In the age of electronics and downsized organizations, companies are processing job applicants at incredibly high speeds.  While the words on a cover letter are important, it's equally important the document can be effectively scanned into a database.

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