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Wix Statistics 2022

Last updated 29th Sep 2022

Wix is a cloud-based website development service that rivals WordPress. They provide a drag and drop interface that enables users to build websites without knowing a single line of code. Ltd was founded in 2006 and its headquarters are in Tel Aviv, Israel. The founders are Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan.

On this page, we will explore the statistics that highlight the rise of Wix and how many people are using the platform to build websites. You’ll learn about the trends and general statistics of Wix. However, don’t skip the section at the end to learn about the commonly asked questions.

Top Wix Statistics and Interesting Facts of 2022

  • North America accounts for 57% of Wix's revenue

  • Wix offers websites from over 190 countries around the world

  • In Q1 of 2019, Wix had 4.2 million paid subscribers

  • 24.16% of traffic to Wix comes from search engines

  • Wix has 5,100 employees from several countries worldwide

  • Wix went public in 2013

  • Every day 45,000 new users join Wix

  • Wix provides over 1,000 features

  • Wix can be used in 30 languages

  • In 2020, Wix generated $989 million in revenue

General Wix Statistics

We will start off by taking a peek at general Wix statistics that provide an overview of the platform and its place in the marketplace. These interesting stats are a good place to start researching what Wix is all about.

In 2017 Wix hit $100 per share and a market cap of an estimated $4.5 billion

This statistic indicates that Wix is a platform that has become among the biggest tech companies in the world. Wix continues to grow and attract users with their sleek marketing campaign and word-of-mouth success.

Wix has established itself as the best cloud-based website builder for users that have no experience with the topic. This appeals to the masses and makes website building approachable for a fair cost.

Source: Globes

In 2009 Wix hit 1 million users and just 2 years later 10 million was achieved

This large growth in just a few years after Wix was created shows the quick rise to popularity. Since then it has continued to grow, which is impressive. Nowadays, many companies are trying to compete with Wix and WordPress for that matter. They are one of the household names that most people turn to when creating a new website from scratch with no technical skills.

Source: Wix

57% of Wix revenue comes from North America

It’s unsurprising that Wix gets most of its revenue from North America because that’s the biggest market in the world. However, they also get a significant portion from other regions, contributing to a balanced annual revenue report.

The percentage breakdown of other regions includes Europe at 26%, Latin America at 5% and 12% comes from Asia with other regions.

Source: Wix 2020 Annual Report

Wix went public in 2013

Back on November 6th of 2013 Wiz finally went public. One of the founders, Avishai Abrahami sold 500,000 of his shares to earn $8 million. During the same period, he sold another startup for $130 million.

If someone invested in Wix in 2013, then they would have received a sizable return today. Also, the signs indicate that it will continue to grow as is the case with many of the top technology companies in the world.

Source: Business Insider

Wix has websites in 190 countries around the world

Wix is a truly global brand with customers registering from 190 countries. Since their products are available in 30 languages, many people worldwide can enjoy Wix in their native language.

This is a big deal since building a website in a language you don’t fully understand can be tricky. That’s especially true if you are an amateur website builder doing it for the first time.

Source: DigitalGYD

The United States has the most Wix websites with 120,970

Since the United States is the biggest market in the world, it makes sense that it also has the biggest share of Wix websites. In 2nd place is the UK with 22,641 websites and Canada is in 3rd place with 17,079 websites.

Wix is a global brand so you’ll find websites powered by the platform on every continent. This allows the CMS company to fight for every slice of the global CMS market.

Source: DigitalGYD

24.16% of the traffic to comes from search engine traffic

This shows that around a quarter of the traffic arrives at Wix from search engines. That’s a significant portion of their new customer generation and it shows good SEO optimization. Organic traffic is one of the best ways of creating a steady stream of new customers.

However, many of these searches are navigational which means users are simply looking for the website instead of typing the URL directly into the browser.

Source: Similarweb

Wix market share is 1.7%, which is 0.1% higher than in November 2019

The fight for market share in the CMS industry is fierce with the competition to Wix offering good alternatives. Some of the top competitors include Squarespace, Joomla, Shopify, and WordPress. Wix has the smallest CMS market share out of these companies and is fighting to attract customers by offering a better deal.

Source: Joostde Valk

The number of Wix employees is 5,100

Wix has grown over the years and that meant an increase in the number of employees. They have offices around the world, which includes several cities in the United States, Vilnius, Tokyo, and Dublin. This helps them provide a global service across all time zones.

Also, offices around the world provide them access to employees from many backgrounds. This allows them to offer services in 30 languages.

Source: Wix Annual Report

For the top 10,000 websites Wix is the 2nd most popular website builder

This statistic showcases that Wix is a reliable and preferred CMS for demanding websites compared with other non-WordPress competitors. Arguably they offer more reliable service with features that match the needs of e-commerce websites.

Wix continues to innovate every year to improve the quality of its end product, which means that the top companies take notice and turn to their services.

Source: Built With

Wix Paid User Statistics

Now let’s turn our attention to the Wix user stats that showcase how many people are actually using the platform. Compared to WordPress there are far fewer users, downloads, or websites with Wix. However, Wix is a paid platform so they do not need to generate the same level of users to be successful.

In 2011 Wix had fewer than 300,000 paid users

The first decade for Wix was not a walk in the park. That’s because in 2011 they had the worst financial year with a loss of $22.7 million. However, the number of paying customers increased to 790,000 by 2013 and the financial situation of the company started improving.

Belief in the company and consistent investment allowed Wix to stay afloat during the turbulent first few years. Now the investors are reaping the rewards of their confidence in the cloud-based platform.

Source: TechCrunch

The number of paid subscribers in 2017 was 2.5 million

The number of total Wix subscribers in 2017 was 97 million, but only 2.5 % of them were paying customers. Most customers were sticking with the free website version. However, the number of paying Wix customers continued to rise and in 2018 there were an extra 400,000 paid subscribers.

The free model of Wix allows it to draw in large crowds of website builders and turn them into paying customers. This model means they need to facilitate many resources for the free portion of their business.

Source: Domain Name Wire

4.2 million paid subscribers were achieved by Wix in Q1 of 2019

This statistic indicates the continued growth of Wix right to the very end of the last decade. Part of the growth comes from the improvement of services that give users more reasons to stay. The marketplace is getting crowded with excellent CMS products, but Wix continues to be among the top players.

The increase in paid subscribers highlights the competitive pricing model and useful features that are broken up between several paid tiers.

Source: Cision

Wix is used by 332,000 e-commerce websites

The large number of e-commerce websites using Wix indicates that it’s a great platform for selling goods and services. E-commerce websites need to have a smooth checkout process and fast page loading speeds to ensure users don’t leave out of frustration.

Furthermore, e-commerce websites need to be scalable so that more product pages can be added as the business grows. Wix provides the infrastructure for all of these aspects and much more.


Wix Success Statistics

In this section, we will be taking a peek at the statistics that highlight Wix’s success. This will give you an indication of why they are one of the top CMS names in the industry. These stats are a good starting point for delving deeper into the numbers to figure out why Wix is a top-tier CMS company.

During Q2 of 2019, Wix increased their premium user base by 132,000 users

Premium users are essentially the folk who pay Wix for their services and keep the profitability of the company healthy. Arguably they are the only users that count when evaluating the success of Wix’s business model. Adding this many users in a single quarter is no easy achievement in this industry.

However, to get a better idea of the success, you should also investigate the number of premium users that left during this period.

Source: Domain Name Wire

3.8 million websites are currently using Wix as their CMS platform

This is a large number of websites, but the vast majority of them are non-paying websites. The free version of Wix offers enough functionality for many users that do not have a commercial component for their website needs.

However, the more serious customers that need advanced features will not hesitate to take advantage of the paid subscription for access to better customer service and the removal of ads.

Source: Built With

The Wix app is downloaded 44,000 times per day

This is a massive number of daily downloads that shows a lot of interest in the app. Their app compliments the desktop building tools and it’s a vital part of their cloud-based service. The app allows users to view website statistics and make small changes.

Giving access to an app is a great way for users to look at the health of their website while on the move. It’s also expected by CMS customers nowadays.

Source: Website Expert Builder

45,000 new people are joining Wix everyday

Wix is a popular platform with a strong marketing element, which means they get a lot of new people that sign up every day. However, the vast majority of them only use the free portion of their platform.

This might be to give Wix a try to see if it matches their needs. However, many new users might be casuals that do not require paid features to meet their needs.

Source: DigitalGYD

In 2017, Wix users built 28 million mobile websites

This statistic makes them one of the biggest mobile website development platforms. That offers them one of the best advantages in the CMS industry because mobile traffic is responsible for 50% of internet usage.

Wix offers mobile-ready templates and design tools, which makes the platform great for developing these types of websites.

Source: Business Wire

Wix generated $989 million in revenue in 2020

With nearly a billion in revenue per annum, Wix is doing excellent by any standards. They were not always profitable and reported huge losses back in their early days. Now it enjoys a healthy profit margin that fuels its growth.

Expect the annual revenue numbers to increase as Wix adds even more premium subscribers to their list. Also, there are more people on the internet now than ever before, which increases the size of the CMS market.

Source: Macrotrends

Wix Friendly Features Statistics

Now let’s take a look at the stats that reveal the functionality of Wix. You’ll see that there are many excellent features that users are enjoying. However, some of these are also available to free premium users.

Wix can be used in over 30 languages worldwide

Wix has a huge demand around the world, which means users want to enjoy their platform in their native language. With 30 languages, users have many to choose from and that covers the majority of the planet.

Furthermore, Wix is actively increasing the number of languages their services are offered in to increase the scope of their offering and enter new markets. This can potentially help the company increase its CMS market share.

Source: Wix

500 pre-designed templates are available for users to create websites on Wix

The massive library of templates is one of the top-selling points of Wix. They allow users in many industries to get going without a lengthy development process. Also, the templates are customizable, which allows users to create a unique website.

The website library is constantly growing and offering options for different categories. Whether you are building a media-heavy or minimalist website, there is something for everyone.

Source: Wix

50% of people that are employed by Wix focus on research and development

This statistic indicates that Wix is constantly innovating in the pursuit of offering a better service. With such a large portion of the workforce developing new products, users can expect updated features and other reasons to stick around.

Wix has a strong chance to gain even more market share if they develop industry-leading features that even give WordPress a run for its money.

Source: Wix Create

340,000 users on Wix build websites for others as a professional service

Wix is relatively easy to use for building a website, but hiring a professional will save time and lead to a better end result. That’s why there are 340K users that are building websites for others on Wix. The cost of hiring a professional website builder depends on their level of expertise and the type of website you want to build.

A professional services ecosystem surrounding Wix is important to ensure that amateurs can take advantage of web building services.

Source: Wix Stakeholder Report

Wix offers over 1,000 features to use

Wix takes pride in the fact that they offer one of the deepest website builders in the CMS market. They are constantly innovating by offering more features across the multiple premium subscription tiers. The features you get access to depend on the amount you decide to pay per month or annum.

Some website builders might not use many of the features, but their inclusion offers the flexibility required for customers to build a website that matches their needs.

Source: DigitalGYD

Wix Statistics Bottom Line

To conclude, Wix is a successful CMS company that has been around since 2006. The cloud-based platform offers over 1,000 features, hundreds of templates, and a free portion of the platform. Its biggest market is in North America and more specifically in the United States.

However, with offices around the world, Wix has paid subscribers from over 190 countries. Its growth in recent years has slowed down because it is consistently fighting for every CMS market share. With an emphasis on innovation, the company may continue to increase the number of paid subscribers and revenue numbers to become a bigger player in the CMS industry.


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