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Escrow Calculator

Last updated 23rd Sep 2022

Here is an escrow calculator that can help you estimate what you might expect to pay each month into an escrow account. This online tool will calculate a starting escrow balance, as well as the maximum and minimum account balances.

Calculator Definitions

The variables used in our online calculator are defined in detail below, including how to interpret the results.

Property / Real Estate Taxes ($ / Year)

This is the amount of real estate, or property, taxes you would pay each year. The assumption for this calculator is that property taxes are paid on a quarterly basis.

Flood Insurance ($ / Year)

If you're required to carry flood or hazard insurance, then this is where you would enter the required annual flood / hazard insurance premium. Not all homes are required to carry this type of insurance. If you're not required to carry flood insurance, then simply enter zero.

Homeowners Insurance ($/ Year)

If you have a mortgage on your home, then your lender may require you to include your homeowners insurance premiums as part of your monthly escrow payments. If that is the case, then enter your annual homeowners insurance premium here.

Months Before First Payment (Months)

This is the number of months before you expect the first property tax payments to be disbursed from your escrow account.

Starting Escrow Balance ($)

This is your projected starting escrow balance. If you're buying a new home, then this is an estimate of the money placed into your escrow account when you're closing on the home.

Monthly Escrow Payment ($)

This is the calculated escrow payments you would be making each month.

Total Escrow Payments ($)

This value is the total of all the escrow payments made into the account each year. It's also equal to all of the money disbursed from your account each year.

Minimum Escrow Balance ($)

This is the minimum escrow balance, which must be kept in your account throughout the year. Most states, and therefore lenders, require a minimum balance equal to two months worth of escrow payments.

Maximum Escrow Balance ($)

This is the theoretical maximum dollar balance that you will have in your escrow account at any given point during the year.

Disclaimer: These online calculators are made available and meant to be used as a screening tool for the investor. The accuracy of these calculations is not guaranteed nor is its applicability to your individual circumstances. You should always obtain personal advice from qualified professionals.

Moneyzine Editor

Moneyzine Editor