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Last updated 25th Nov 2022

The concept of investing for dummies is just another way of admitting some topics need to be simplified. That's what makes the book series so popular.

Investing Made Simple

The objective of this website is to provide potential investors with information that is easy to understand. Whenever possible, articles are supplemented with easy to follow examples, spreadsheets, and tools such as online calculators.

This article is an introduction to the section of the website that follows the investing for dummies pattern. This site now contains an ever-growing investing dictionary containing well over 400 of the most common investor words used today.

The approach used there goes beyond the simple one sentence definitions found elsewhere. There are calculations, mathematical formulas, explanations, examples as well as links to related terms.

Investing Resources

The investing dictionary now becomes a powerful tool that can be used to connect investing articles with supplemental information. That's the same way the online calculators function, which is divided into the following categories:

That's over 100 free calculators that can be used to run through a wide variety of investment planning scenarios; from new car loans to retirement fund design.

Beginner Articles

We're also going to help "dummies" by providing a list of articles written for individuals just starting out in the investing world. These articles cover topics such as the fundamentals of investing. In the sections below there are a number of helpful articles, listed in order of increasing complexity.

Mutual Fund Investing

Purchasing mutual funds is a great way for anyone to "get their feet wet" in the investing world. Since the money is being managed by professionals, it's possible to invest money in the stock market, with a minimal amount of research.

Mutual Funds for Dummies

The dummies publication for mutual funds focuses on the high level concepts an investor needs to understand before buying shares of a mutual fund. This article covers risk, fees, as well as fund research topics.

Mutual Fund Loads

One of the most important factors to look for in a mutual fund is the fee structure. This article thoroughly covers the topic of mutual fund loads and fees, including some examples that help illustrate why most investors should be taking a closer look at no load mutual funds.

Buying Mutual Funds

The final recommendation for investors interested in this topic is a series on buying mutual funds. This four-part series walks the investor through the basic information and steps to take before buying shares in a mutual fund.

Investing in Stocks

The next step on the hierarchy is investments that are more adventurous, and complex, than mutual funds: picking individual stocks. (This is not recommended for anyone searching for "dummies" information).

Stocks for Dummies

The stocks for dummies article really redirects the reader to additional stock investment resources on this website. In fact, that information is summarized below.

Stock Research

Anyone thinking about investing in stocks should read through this four-part series: conducting stock research. These articles can help new investors to get an introduction, and foundation, in the important concept of value investing.

Stock Market Game

Before anyone invests their hard earned cash into the stock market, it's advisable to first get comfortable using stock market games. In this article, there is a listing of both board games as well as websites that host online stock market games.

Practice makes perfect, and that saying really applies to investing in stocks. Before making a mistake with real money, take the time to practice, and learn, from playing these games.

Summing Things Up

Don't stop here; take a look around, because investing for dummies is all about simplifying concepts. This website separates information into categories that align with the most expensive purchases, and complex financial planning information, individuals will encounter in their lives. This includes topics such as buying a home, buying a car or saving for college. Take a closer look at the information on this website, there is something of value to every reader.

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