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Last updated 23rd Sep 2022


Personal career goals, established by professionals in the workplace, are often referred to as career objectives. These are the goals an individual plans to accomplish, hoping to reach their full potential as a member of the workforce. A well-written career objective outlines the specific actions to be taken to reach both long and short term goals.


The formal process of outlining clear career objectives will help the individual to better understand their priorities. When subsequently faced with a decision point in their careers, the individual can always refer back to their career objectives to help choose the path that is better aligned with their wants and needs.

A career objective should be a concisely written statement that provides the reader with a clear understanding of the individual's personal career aspirations. The goal can include a specific job title, field of work or industry, or a functional discipline.


Job Title Objective

To work as a senior analyst at an equities brokerage house, eventually working as a quantitative risk manager.

Industry Specific Objective

To work as a geological engineer in the petroleum industry.

Functional Discipline Objective

To work in the health and safety department of a Fortune 200 company.

Skills-Based Objective

To use my scientific skills to work as an organic chemist at a cosmetics company.

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