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Last updated 29th Nov 2022


The term career coach refers to a professional that works with clients to achieve both their employment and career aspirations. Career coaches will provide their clients with advice on a number of topics, including employment opportunities, skills development, as well as how to go about changing careers.


Typically hired by individuals that feel "stuck" in their careers, a coach can help them gain the confidence they need to move their careers forward once again. Career coaches can help individuals looking to change jobs by providing networking advice, identifying ideal jobs, and writing a more targeted resume.

Coaches will also use tools such as career assessments, personality tests, and conduct a skills and accomplishments inventory. Clients may also be asked to participate in a 360 degree feedback survey, which involves not just the client, but their peers, managers, and subordinates. Coaches are oftentimes used by executives to help accelerate their careers; however, they can also help recent college graduates to establish a strong foundation, or mid-level managers that wish to reach the executive ranks.

Career coaches are normally compensated on an hourly basis. Clients can expect to pay around $300 per hour when working with a coach.

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