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Last updated 4th Oct 2022


The term career counselor refers to a professional that works with clients, and specializes in successfully helping them to find a new job. Career counselors provide insights into transitioning, managing, and advancing their client's careers.


Career counselors are typically hired by individuals that are looking to change jobs. Counselors can help their clients to identify a new position, improve their resume and cover letter, as well as apply for a job. They explain how to improve their networking skills as well as hone their interviewing techniques. Career counselors can also help individuals to find the right balance between work and their private lives.

Counselors are sometimes hired by companies during reorganizations. Under these conditions, the counselor can hold workshops to explain how to go about applying for a new position, or how to develop the skills needed to be successful in the new organization.

The tools used by career counselors are similar to those used by coaches. In addition to providing feedback on interview skills, the counselor will help their clients to effectively negotiate a salary. Assessment tools are also used to identify positions that are a good match with the client's career aspirations, leadership skills, and background.

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