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Last updated 23rd Sep 2022

Our guide to taxes takes aim at helping you to better understand the federal and state income tax return preparation and refund process. By helping you to better understand how your income taxes are calculated, we hope that you can make better investment decisions. This includes choices such as whether or not to take a long term capital gain on your investments, or if a retirement tax shelter, such as a 401k, IRA, or 403b, is right for you.

We'll cover the fundamentals such as reading tax brackets and tax tables. We'll give you hints to help you figure out if you need to fill out a 1040EZ, 1040A, or if the long form is your best choice. Finally, we'll even cover topics in more detail, ranging from inheritance tax to tax credits and deductions.

Income Tax Return Preparation

This first set of articles is our income tax preparation help section. Here you'll find information on filing electronically with eFile, and where you can go to find tax forms. We'll tell you how to find websites and software that allow you to file your taxes for free.

The IRS really tries to make filing your taxes simple. In fact, they offer several ways for filers to get help, including written explanations, audio explanations over the phone, and even live telephone support. If you're having trouble preparing your tax return, this should be your first stop:

Tax Planning

It's never too late or too early to start planning your tax saving strategies. This next series of articles helps you to minimize your overall income taxes by discussing a series of income tax objectives and tactics you may want to adopt.

Tax Deductions, Shelters and Credits

If you're wondering if you have enough tax deductions to beat the standard deduction this year, then this next set of publications can help. Itemized deductions are pretty straightforward, especially for homeowners paying a mortgage and property taxes.

Here we provide you with an explanation for each type of deduction and tax credit offered:

Special Tax Topics

In this section of our tax publication, we take a quick look at several special tax topics. Presently this includes inheritance tax, alternative minimum taxes and capital gains. We'll revisit this topic from time to time and continue to add more of these specialty tax articles:

Sales and Income Tax Basics

Next up are articles that contain some basic, but useful, tax information. If you've been wondering what all those tax items are on your paycheck, take a look at our payroll taxes article. We even have federal tax bracket tables, as well as information for all 50 states.

If you're planning to visit another state, we can even tell you what to expect when it comes to state sales tax:

Real Estate Taxes

Here are several tax articles that deal specifically with real estate. We explain why property taxes are so essential to your county and town. In fact, in our tax lien article, we even explain what can happen if you decide to stop paying your property taxes:

Natural Disasters and Taxes

If you or a friend has been a victim of a natural disaster, then you might want to take a look at our tax relief articles. They spell out exactly the kinds of help you can expect to get, or not get, when a disaster strikes:

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