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Resumes for Project Managers

Last updated 25th Nov 2022

If there is one thing a project manager knows, it's the importance of staying organized. The same can be said about putting together a resume. A properly constructed document needs just as much organization and thought as a Gantt chart.

In this article, we're going to talk about resumes for project managers. The first part of that discussion will include a brief summary of the various resume formats in use today, as well as how to go about choosing the best style. Then we'll finish up with an example that can be downloaded.

Resume Styles for Project Managers

As is the case with all resume formats, there are pros and cons to each of the three types in use today. The go-forward assumption is that a project manager has gained enough work experience to select a resume format that will highlight those on-the-job experiences they want to emphasize.

As a reminder, the three resume formats include:

  • Functional: a good choice for a project manager that is just starting out or someone that is trying to move up from a junior position. The primary feature of a functional resume is the skills and knowledge section.
  • Chronological: a good choice for anyone that's been working as a project manager for several years, and believes their work experience is more important than the skills acquired over time. The primary feature of the chronological resume is work history.
  • Combination: the most marketable of the three resume styles in use today. The combination resume is oftentimes the best choice for individuals with a great deal of project-related experience, and possessing strong skills.


With most projects, a manager has three concerns: budget, quality, and schedule. The challenge is to effectively balance all three of these areas. Because of the complexities associated with managing these objectives within a large project, special areas of study are undertaken, and professional certifications are typically held by workers in this position such as:

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Master Project Manager (MPM)
  • Advanced Project Management Certification (APMC)
  • Certified Project Manager (CPM)

Companies looking to fill a job opening will frequently seek a candidate with the above types of credentials. As is illustrated in the example later on, the combination style highlights these certifications by presenting them to the reader near the beginning of the document.

Sample Resume

The sample resume created for project managers is in the combination resume style that's been modified slightly to accommodate the certifications section mentioned earlier. Individuals that don't have a lot of on-the-job experience might want to consider using the functional resume style. This way the skills and knowledge acquired are highlighted and the document doesn't draw any attention to a perceived weakness.

The following is a link to a downloadable Word document in the combination format: Project Manager Resume. Since the combination format is the most comprehensive, it allows individuals to see the important elements of all three styles.

For individuals looking to learn more about this topic, this website also contains a number of resources on subjects such as how to write a resume as well as additional resume writing samples.

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