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Best Trading Apps for Mobile Trading in the UK

Last updated 23rd Nov 2022

The best trading app to use if you are a UK citizen is eToro. The platform attracts millions of investors worldwide and is convenient to trade on the go. But there are dozens of trading apps in the UK, and this guide describes the best trading options in different categories.

You’ll also learn how trading apps work and what you can do with them. Here’s a detailed guide on what investors should know before choosing a trading app to use in the United Kingdom!

Best Trading App at a Glance

  • Overall best trading app - eToro

  • Best app for beginners & hands-off traders - Trading 212

  • Best trading app for education - Freetrade

  • Best app for investment & savings - Fidelity

  • Best app for active trading - Capital.com

  • Best app for portfolio management - Interactive Investor

  • Best app for socially responsible investing - Betterment

  • Best free stock trading app - Pepperstone

  • Best automated investing app - Freetrade

  • Best app for options trading - Raceoption

  • Best for experienced traders - Degiro

Top 10 Trading Apps Reviewed

Before moving to specific categories, here’s a list of top trading apps in the UK and their brief reviews!

AppMinimum DepositFeesOSeToroUSD100% commission on stocks and ETF tradesAndroid, iOSFreetradeNo requirement0% commission feesAndroid, iOS, Windows (beta)Capital.comUSD20From 0%Android, iOSExpertOptionUSD100% commission feesAndroid, iOSAvaTradeGBP1000% commission feesAndroid, iOS, WindowsPlus500GBP100From 0%Android, iOSPepperstoneNo requirement0% commission on trades with a Standard accountAndroid, iOS, WindowsxtbNo requirement0% commission feeAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOSTrading212USD1 – USD100% commission feeAndroid, iOSTradierNo requirement0% on stock and options tradingAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS

eToro – Best Trading App Overall

eToro has a huge community with millions of users, and the social component is an important part of trading. You can use CopyTrader to mimic the moves of successful investors, read the latest news and analysis, etc.

The platform has an FCA license and licenses from multiple international financial authorities. eToro offers refer-a-friend and affiliate programs and allows trading with over 60 crypto and hundreds of stocks.

Account minimum depositUSD10Fees0% commission fee on stocks and ETF tradesCrypto fees1% when buying or sellingManagement fees0%Overnight feesVary (spreads)Inactivity feeUSD10 if the account was inactive for over a yearKYC RequiredYesDemo AccountYesPriceFreeInvestment typesStocks, indices, ETFs, currencies, commodities, cryptoApple Store rating4.7 / 6 ratingsGoogle Play Store rating4.2 / 124,000 reviews

Freetrade – Best with Zero Commission

Freetrade has three account types, with the basic one securing a general investment account and access to over 1,500 stocks. Advanced plans unlock automated order types, interest on uninvested cash up to 3%, etc.

Freetrade has a Financial Services Compensation Scheme that keeps users’ money safe. The app is intuitive and easy to use, with a simple layout that minimizes the learning curve.

Account minimum depositNo requirementFeesCommission fees0%Inactivity fee0%KYC RequiredYesDemo AccountNoPriceBasic – GBP0.00Standard – GBP4.99 monthlyPlus – GBP9.99 monthlyInvestment typesStocks and shares ISA, general investment account, self-invested personal pensionApple Store rating4.3 / 12,200 ratingsGoogle Play Store rating4.3 / 16,100 reviews

Capital.com – Best for Technical Analysis Tools

Capital.com received awards for being the best online trading platform in 2020. The app features over 70 technical indicators to help you identify the best investment opportunity. Customized watchlists and risk management with actions like stop-loss assist beginners in getting used to how the markets work.

The app offers an impressive range of methods to deposit funds, ranging from Apple Pay to credit cards. Capital.com complies with PCI standards and has all relevant licenses to do business in the UK.

Account minimum depositUSD20FeesCommission fees0%Management fees0%Overnight feesVaryInactivity fee0%KYC RequiredYesDemo AccountYesPriceFreeInvestment typesStocks, indices, commodities, forex, crypto, CFDApple Store rating4.8 / 457 ratingsGoogle Play Store rating4.7 / 38,000 reviews

ExpertOption – Best for Options Trading

ExpertOption offers mobile and desktop apps, so you can download software for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. The platform has a demo account that allows trying over 100 stocks and other assets.

Newbies can visit the education section with the glossary, an overview of trading strategies, and other useful content. ExpertOption’s app is among the most popular finance apps in 47 countries, and it’s excellent for market analysis.

Account minimum depositUSD10FeesCommission fees0%Inactivity fee0%KYC RequiredYesDemo AccountYesPriceMicro – From USD10Basic – From USD50Silver – From USD500Gold– From USD2,500Platinum – From USD5,000Investment typesForex, CFD crypto, optionsApple Store rating3.9 / 20 ratingsGoogle Play Store rating4.5 / 221,000 reviews

AvaTrade – Best for Forex Trading

AvaTrade designed an app called AvaTradeGO, which won the award for the best trading app at the Global forex Awards in 2020. The unique protection technology keeps you safe while using the app and trading with stocks, forex, crypto, and other assets.

AvaTradeGO features intuitive menus, clear charts, options to zoom in for more details, and other useful additions. Customer support is available around the clock on working days.

Account minimum depositGBP100FeesCommission fees0%Overnight feesVary (spreads)Inactivity feeUSD50 if an account was inactive for three months; an additional USD 100 if it was inactive for over a yearKYC RequiredYesDemo AccountYesPriceFreeInvestment typesStocks, forex, CFD, indices, cryptoApple Store rating4.6 / 601 ratingsGoogle Play Store rating4.6 / 9,480 reviews

Plus500 – Best for Commodity Trading

Plus500 has over 22 million traders from 50+ countries. Apart from the wide range of markets, the app allows access to advanced analytical tools.

You’ll receive real-time quotes within the Plus500 app, ensuring you can act quickly based on market movements. The service keeps your funds in segregated bank accounts to ensure customers’ money is safe.

Account minimum depositGBP100FeesCommission fees0%Currency conversionUp to 0.7%Inactivity feeUSD10 if the account was inactive for over three monthsKYC RequiredYesDemo AccountYesPriceFreeInvestment typesStocks, forex, indices, crypto, commodities, ETFs, optionsApple Store rating4.3 / 257 ratingsGoogle Play Store rating4.2 / 101,000 reviews

Pepperstone – Best for Minimum Deposits

Pepperstone offers access to over 1,200 instruments and tools beginners, and experienced traders will appreciate. You’ll find different mobile apps available, with cTrader being an intuitive option with a simple process of creating advanced orders.

You can also access TradingView to interact with other traders and check charting tools. Pepperstone offers a professional account with many benefits, but you will need to prove your professional investor status via work history or trade volume.

Account minimum depositNo requirementFeesCommission feesVary (built into the spreadManagement fees0%Inactivity fee0%KYC RequiredYesDemo AccountYesPriceVariesInvestment typesStocks, indices, ETFs, currencies, commodities, cryptoApple Store rating4.7 / 6 ratingsGoogle Play Store rating4.2 / 124,000 reviews

Xtb – Best Demo Account to Prepare You for the Market

Xtb allows trading in over 2,100 global markets and offers a demo account to test the platform. Customer support is available 24/7 on working days. Xtb app offers a clean design that ensures charts remain easy to read and adjust.

The platform has multiple licenses, including FCA in the UK, KNF in Poland, etc. Xtb is an up-and-coming app that’ll only get more popular in years to come.

Account minimum depositNo requirementFeesCommission fees0% on forex, indices, commodities, stock CFDs, and ETF CFDsManagement fees0%Inactivity feeEUR10 if the account was inactive for over a yearKYC RequiredYesDemo AccountYesPriceUSD10 minimum depositInvestment typesStocks, ETF, CFDs, forex, indices, commoditiesApple Store rating4.7 / 6 ratingsGoogle Play Store rating4.2 / 124,000 reviews

Trading 212 – Best for Trading on iOS devices

With over 1.5 million clients and over 15 years in business, Trading 212 has become an attractive option for experienced investors. You can choose between two account types to suit your preference.

While the apps exist for iOS and Android, developers for Android devices often need some time to iron out the issues when an update is released. On the other hand, the iOS app seems to work flawlessly.

Account minimum depositUSD1 – USD10FeesConversion fee0.15%Commission fee0%Overnight fees0%Inactivity fee0%KYC RequiredYesDemo AccountYesPriceVariesInvestment typesStocks, forex, indices, CFTs, EFTs, commoditiesApple Store rating4.7 / 1,200 ratingsGoogle Play Store rating3.5 / 124,000 reviews

Tradier – Best for Advanced Investors

Tradier is another option designed for advanced investors, with some of its features aimed at programmers with automated strategies. You won’t find any crypto, and even fractional shares are only available for RIAs.

Despite being tailored for advanced users, the app offers an intuitive interface. You can create watchlists and access trading tools and useful charts.

Account minimum depositNo requirementsFeesCommission fees0%Options contract commission0% with a pro account; USD0.35 with a standard accountInactivity feeUSD20 monthly for less than two trades during that monthKYC RequiredYesDemo AccountYesPriceStandard – USD0Pro – USD10 monthlyInvestment typesStocks, options, indicesApple Store rating4.4 / 237 ratingsGoogle Play Store rating3.8 / 29 reviews

What Are Trading Apps and How Do They Work?

A trading app is a specialized software designed for investors and traders. It acts as an intermediary between you and the stock market.

Financial institutions like banks and brokerages design trading apps to attract clients to their services. Trading apps are free to download and you will find them on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store – they can also be downloaded from the platform’s official site.

You need to register an account to start trading on the app. The registration process is also free, but you might need to verify the account. Finally, if you want to invest and trade on the app, it’s necessary to deposit funds into your account balance.

It’s vital to distinguish finance from investing apps. If you use investment and trading apps, they allow buying and selling assets like stocks, checking market positions, etc. Finance software only provides an overview of your available accounts. You can find tools that combine the two and allow external syncing accounts with the investment app.

A trading app usually accompanies a web-based trading platform and is designed for portable devices. It adjusts the interface to the display size of your device and speeds up page loading times. The market offers a huge selection of trading apps, so try to select one that is tailored for your product needs and strategy.

How Much Money Do You Need to Get Started?

There are different minimum deposit levels at different firms and you should deposit based on your experience and your financial status.

Experts suggest paying off any pending debts and designing a budget that would include the sum planned for investing. You can start trading with as little as $100 monthly, but you can increase that amount to $5,000. The only important thing is that it fits your budget.

On top of the capital you invest, most platforms have transaction or commission fees that will need to be factored in. Many trading apps will welcome you with a bonus. For example, Stake offers free stock when you sign up as a thank-you for choosing their platform.

Best Free Trading Apps with Zero Commission

Commission or transaction fees are charges for using the app to execute trades. Just like brokers charge for their services, the apps might have a fee applied when going through with the transaction.

The good news is some trading apps come with zero commission. That means you can trade stocks for free via those tools. The 0% commission applies whether you have a single trade per month or dozens of transactions daily.

However, please note that you’ll probably encounter some fees on all trading apps since that’s how the providers earn money. For example, some platforms don’t charge for stock trades, but they have a fee for crypto transactions. That being said, check out the list of best free trading apps with zero commission when trading stocks and some other assets!

ProviderFeeeToro0% commission on stocks and ETF tradesPepperstone0% commission on trades with a Standard accountPlus5000% fees for opening and closing trades

Are Trading Apps Safe?

Mobile apps are a legitimate way of trading on different markets. However, you should be careful when choosing the software. All apps mentioned on this page are 100% safe, and they run an entirely legal business in the UK.

Trading platforms acquire licenses from relevant authorities. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is in charge of the UK market, so it’s necessary for a company to have that license. It helps when the service also has licenses from international authorities. For example, eToro does business in over 100 countries, with over 25 million users, so it seeks out multiple approvals.

If you stick to the list of apps on this page, you can rest assured the platforms are safe. However, the money you are investing is not risk-free. After all, you are trying to profit by trading, and that means accepting the risk you might end up losing the funds. There’s no insurance, and a chance to lose some or the entire investment exists.

Can I Use Trading Apps on All Devices?

It depends on the trading app chosen. Most platforms support using their software on Android and iOS to ensure trading on the go is an option for the users. You’ll find many apps available for macOS and Windows PC. Although you can visit the platform’s site, the idea is to streamline the experience and make trading simpler with a specialized app.

Best Trading Apps for iPhone and Mac

Trading apps for iPhone and Mac are best for those who enjoy using Apple devices. It’s worth noting these apps would work on iPads, too. The only thing to confirm is if you have the operating system version required to run the selected app.

You can download the software from the Apple App Store. All that’s necessary is to enter the desired app’s name. Alternatively, you can look for the link via the platform’s website.

The best apps run smoothly across all Apple’s devices. They offer an intuitive interface with fast trade execution to ensure a premium user experience. Check out the selection of top trading apps for iPhone and Mac below!

ProviderFeeOSInteractive Investor0% on the first trade; GBP5.99iOSeToro0% commission on stocks and ETF tradesiOSFreetrade0% commission feemacOSTrading 2120% commission feemacOS

Best Trading Apps for Windows PC and Android

Android is the most popular mobile phone operating system out there. Windows is the most common option used on desktop PCs. It only makes sense that many apps have versions for both platforms.

However, you’ll encounter Android apps more often. For Windows, most services have a website where you can launch the trading platform from the browser. In the list below, you’ll find the top Windows trading apps to download, as well as the best Android investing apps in the UK.

ProviderFeeOSFidelity0% for ETF, stock, and options tradesAndroidDegiroFrom 0%AndroidPepperstone0% commission on trades with a Standard accountWindowseToro0% commission on stocks and ETF tradesWindows

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Trading Apps

Each trading method has benefits and downsides, so here’s how the good and bad sides of trading apps compare:


  • Trade from any location. With a good internet connection and a mobile device, you can execute a trade from anywhere.

  • No broker means lower transaction fees. Most platforms offer zero commission fees on some or all trades.

  • Useful statistics are only a click away. You can analyze charts with price movements and other details to make informed decisions.

  • It’s easy to deposit and withdraw funds. Most apps offer multiple methods, such as debit and credit cards, bank transfers, etc.


  • Trade from any location. This can lead to overtrading with the ability to access the market 24/7.

  • No broker means lower transaction fees. All decisions are yours and won’t get advice from an experienced broker.

What Can You Do with a Trading App?

A trading app is a useful tool whose basic functions include buying and selling assets, as well as displaying and helping you analyze advanced market data. But there are multiple app types for different needs, and you’ll see them in the tables below.

Some trading apps come with a free demo account, which allows you to test your skills before investing real money in the live market. Some apps will include useful features such as watchlists. Depending on the software, you can trade stocks, but also crypto, commodities, CFDs, etc.

Best Stocks and Shares Trading Apps for Beginners

Trading stocks of companies whose shares are listed on relevant markets is an excellent place for a newbie to start investing. The app used should be simple and offer easy registration and depositing process.

Some platforms might even welcome you with a free share, and others will have a comprehensive section with educational resources. Here’s the list of top trading apps in the UK.

ProviderFeeOSeToro0% commission on stocks and ETF tradesiOS / AndroidFreetrade0% commission feeiOS / AndroidCapital.comFreeiOS / Android

Best Options and Binary Options Trading Apps for Beginners

If you buy an option, you acquire the right to purchase or sell that asset under the contract’s conditions. That could be on a specific date or within a certain price range.

It is different from a binary option which is more of a 50/50 bet on a future outcome. A binary option involves betting on how an asset’s price would move. If you are right, you get the fixed amount specified in the contract.

Let’s check the trading apps that have the most impressive offer in this category.

ProviderFeeOSExpertOptionVaryiOS/AndroidIQ OptionVaryiOS / AndroidBinomoVaryiOS / Android

Best Penny Stock Trading Apps for Beginners

Penny stocks are low-value assets that usually trade for pennies as the name suggests. These apps are excellent choices for beginners and those testing the market. The volatile nature of penny stocks can also be a good primer to help you understand the risks inherent in the markets.

If a trading app offers penny stocks, that doesn’t mean you can’t trade other assets. Furthermore, you’ll find an all-around selection of the following apps. On top of that, they offer a good user experience, so go ahead and pick your favorite.

ProviderFeeOSAvaTrade0% commission feesiOS / AndroidTradier0% on stock and options tradingiOS / AndroidWeBull0% commission fees on stocks, ETFs, and optionsiOS / Android

Best Day Trading Apps for Beginners

The term day trading refers to buying and selling the same asset during the same day. Depending on your plan, you can acquire a stock now and sell it in seconds. Or you can keep it for hours and sell it minutes before the market closes for the day.

Short-term trading fans need a fast app that won’t crash or run slowly. For these investors, each second is important. That’s why the best UK day trading apps have a simple layout with useful info and options to finalize the trade in a few clicks. Here’s the list of those solutions.

ProviderFeeOSxtb0% commission on all marketsAndroidLibertex0% commission on real stocks; From 0% on CFDsiOS / AndroidPepperstone0% commission on trades with a Standard accountiOS / Android

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps for Beginners

Cryptocurrencies are a decentralized payment option accepted in many locations worldwide. Although Bitcoin is the most popular, you have thousands of crypto tokens available. This market is famous for volatility and huge price changes in minutes or days, so you should only trade crypto if you know the industry well.

The best crypto trading apps in the UK offer a large number of crypto tokens for trading and investing. They have the lowest fees and secure fast transaction executions. Check out the list of the best UK crypto trading options below.

ProviderFeeOSAvaTrade0% commission feesiOS / AndroidCoinbaseFrom 0%iOS / AndroideToro1% on buying and selling cryptoiOS / Android

Best Forex Trading Apps for Beginners

Forex or FX trading includes trading international currencies with the intention of making a profit. Imagine heading on vacation abroad and exchanging your money for the currency used in that country. Forex trading apps allow buying one and receiving another currency. The goal of trading is always to turn a profit.

This is the biggest world financial market. It’s easy to start forex trading, but there are a lot of secrets to mastering it. Sticking to the best forex trading apps is a good start since they offer a generous number of trading options and minimal fees. Here are the platforms to stick to during FX trading in the UK.

ProviderFeeOSPlus500Free (additional fees might apply)iOS / AndroidAvaTradeFreeiOS / AndroidCapital.comFreeiOS / Android

Best Commodity Trading Apps for Beginners

Commodities are physical goods that are used in industrial processes. These cover energy, metal, agricultural, livestock, and meat categories, as well as their derivative products. Commodity trading includes buying or selling these raw materials. Examples include crude oil, gold, wheat, etc.

Many trading apps in the UK offer commodity trading. The best will ensure commission fees remain non-existent and ensure a user-friendly experience regardless of the device used. Here’s a list of the top UK trading apps for commodities!

ProviderFeeOSPepperstone0% commission on trades with a Standard accountiOS / AndroidCapital.comFrom 0%iOS / AndroidPlus500From 0%iOS / Android

Best Swing Trading Apps for Beginners

Swing trading is for experienced investors since it involves analyzing price movements and looking for patterns. The purpose of swing trading is to look for market swings that last for a day or for weeks. The trader’s goal is to maximize the profit by entering and exiting the deal at the right time.

The best swing trading apps offer helpful tools to analyze the market. Those include charts with price movements and other details. You also appreciate the advice in the news and posts shared by other members. Here are the best swing trading apps in the UK market.

ProviderFeeOSIGVaryiOS / AndroideToro0% commission on stocks and ETF tradesiOS / Androidxtb0% commission on all marketsAndroid

Best Trading Apps for Live Trading

Live trading is a competitive game and investors will need some level of skill in order to avoid costly mistakes.

The apps mentioned below offer a user-friendly environment that you’ll get used to quickly. They also have tips and guides to help beginners settle. You might encounter welcome offers, such as free shares and others boosts and bonuses. Let’s check the list of top trading apps for live trading in the UK.

ProviderFeeOSCapital.comFrom 0%iOS / AndroidFreetrade0% commission feeiOS / AndroidInteractive Investor0% on the first trade; GBP 5.99iOS

Best Paper Trading Apps for Simulated Trading

Paper trading is actually a trading simulation that doesn’t use real money. You’ll have virtual funds and use them to buy and sell trades. It’s great to understand the basic market mechanisms and find your way around the platform.

Newbies will appreciate the option to create a demo account and experience paper trading. The simulation comes without any charges. The apps below offer a real-world setting, so you can test actual strategies with virtual money.

ProviderFeeOSeToro0% commission on stocks and ETF tradesiOS / AndroidAvaTradeFrom 0%iOS / AndroidTrading 2120% commission feemacOS

Are There Trading Apps to Stay Up to Date with the Market

Following the latest news and constantly expanding your knowledge is crucial to becoming a successful investor. Here are the platforms to help you on that path:

  • Capital.com. This site has a huge learning section, detailed news and insights, and even webinars you can attend to improve your knowledge.

  • eToro. The app relies on the social factor and allows investors to share ideas and copy the moves of top investors.

  • Freetrade. An education section helps beginners understand investing, stocks, ETFs, and other important areas related to trading.

  • Fidelity. You’ll find a helpful news section and articles written by professional editors, including trading tips for the current market situation.

  • Webull. The app has courses with multiple lessons to cover various trading topics.

Can You Use Trading Apps Everywhere in the World?

Non-UK citizens are also welcome to use trading apps. Many platforms are available worldwide, although some specialize in specific markets. Here is a quick overview of top trading platforms by country!

CountryBest Trading AppUKeToroAustraliaAvaTradeUSATD AmeritradeNigeriaPepperstoneIndiaUpstox ProSouth AfricaXMSingaporeMoomooIrelandCapital.comGermanyTradeStationEuropeDegiro

How do I Choose the Best Stock Trading App?

At Moneyzine, you’ll always find licensed and trustworthy apps. Beyond the necessary licenses, here’s how to choose the trading software that best fits you:

  • Version for your device. Most platforms have an app for Android and iOS, but some also provide Windows and macOS apps.

  • Demo account version. Trading with virtual money allows you a chance to test the application and your strategies before using real money.

  • Investment personality. Do you prefer penny stocks and small investments? Perhaps you are ready to trade large sums? The app should fit your investing style.

  • Speed. Page loading times and trade executions should be fast to ensure you can act quickly in the market.

  • Trading options. Apart from classic stock trading, you can invest in crypto, commodities, etc. Choose the platform offering your preferred option.


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