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Resumes for Accountants

Last updated 25th Nov 2022

While the accountants in smaller companies may be responsible for a wider array of topics, those working in larger organizations may specialize in certain disciplines. Even within a department, jobs can range from junior accountants through comptrollers.

When putting together a resume for the accounting profession, emphasis can be placed on the expertise acquired over time. This can include Sarbanes Oxley controls, accruals, the income statement, or the balance sheet. If the job applicant is a Certified Public Accountant, this would be of particular importance. The resume should prominently display this certification.

Resume Styles for Accountants

When choosing a resume style for an accountant position, the standard guidance on resume formats applies. The correct format will highlight the writer's strengths and minimize exposing any weaknesses.

  • Chronological: the most popular of all resume types, the chronological resume focus is on where the writer worked in the past, with secondary consideration for the knowledge and skills they've gained.
  • Functional: by contrast, the functional resume is a good choice for accountants that are right out of school or don't have a lot of work experience. It's also a good choice for anyone that doesn't want to bring attention to a significant employment gap.
  • Combination: the combination resume style provides job applicants with the best of both worlds. It provides the reader with the applicant's qualifications, skills and knowledge, right up front. This section is then followed by a reverse chronological listing of work experience.

Since the combination resume is arguably the most complex format in use, this accountant example is going to be in that style. There are references elsewhere on this website to examples of the other resume formats. As is the case with all of the examples provided, users are able to download the example for free, and use the resume template provided to help start the process of writing their own resume.

Sample Resumes

A resume for an accountant should be relatively simple in its structure. The only additional feature worth mentioning is that accountants may have professional certifications; as is the case with a Certified Public Accountant, or CPA. This example demonstrates where to include these certifications, so they grab the attention of the reader.

The sample can be downloaded here: Accountant Resume. As is the case with all examples provided on this website, it's our hope these will help readers to generate their own ideas. There is simply no substitute for the unique work experiences and qualifications that everyone has gained over time.

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