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Last updated 25th Nov 2022

The use of resume writing services is becoming more popular due to the competitiveness of the job market. As jobs get scarcer, individuals are looking for the edge that a resume service can provide.

In many ways, the job search market is akin to an advertising contest; the applicant with the best resume wins. When writing a resume, the job applicant hopes to grab the attention of the recruiter or hiring manager.

But unlike an advertisement, attention-grabbing colors aren't necessary. This is where professional resume writing services can be helpful. They have trained staff that understands what is, and what is not, effective. For example, using the right words on a resume can mean the difference between receiving a call for a job interview, and losing out on an opportunity.

Professional Resume Writing Services

The Internet is a wealth of information, and that means it's relatively easy to find companies offering professional resume writing services. Unfortunately, this doesn't guarantee the consultant is providing a great value.

The ideal company, or consultant, will have access to different kinds of resumes, suitable for a large number of professions. Alternatively, it may be possible to find a specialist in the job applicant's area of expertise. But this still doesn't mean the service is effective. Over the remainder of this article, the discussion will turn to the types of professional services that a good company will offer.


A professional will need to read through a resume, reformat the document, and perhaps even record their changes. This means someone will be spending hours reading the resume, choosing the appropriate format, making changes to the document, and gaining their client's feedback and approval.

When hiring a true professional, clients should expect to pay between $200 and $500 for this type of service. Anyone looking to spend less than $50 would be better off just asking a friend to take a look at their resume; since only proofreading services can compete at that level of spend.

Professional Certifications

When choosing between two or more services, try to figure out if their consultants are certified professional resume writers. The two best certification programs are:

  • Certified Professional Resume Writers: involves taking a timed examination consisting of four modules dealing with industry knowledge, grammar and punctuation, strategic thinking abilities, and composing a resume based on a hypothetical client.
  • National Resume Writers Association: requires taking continuing education units prior to a resume writing examination. The test consists of two parts: the first contains questions relating to sample resumes, and the second part involves composing a resume based upon supplied information.

Services and Processes

Professional services are sometimes broken down, and priced, into several tiers of complexity. The simplest process is that of editing an existing resume, proofreading, and reformatting the content. The next level of complexity takes written information and composes a resume from scratch. Finally, resume writing services can also include putting together cover letters as an add-on feature.

Since most service organizations understand their clients are eager to start a job search, the turnaround time on a resume should be less than one week. The company may also provide access to sample resumes that clients can look at; providing them with even more ideas.

Finally, since proofreading, reformatting, or writing a resume can be subject to individual interpretation, most of the more reputable services will allow clients to talk to their professionals over the telephone. This actually helps to expedite the process by allowing the resume writer to get a better feel for what the client is really looking for; something that might not be evident from the written word.

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