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Last updated 25th Nov 2022

The Internet has created a means to accelerate the dissemination of information with pinpoint accuracy. One such way job seekers can use this capability to get noticed is with an electronic resume posting service.

Posting a Resume Electronically

Job hunters actually have three ways to leverage the speed of the Internet to post their resume electronically: blasting, distribution providers, as well as using a posting service. The type of service that is most effective will depend on the individual's job seeking strategy.

For example, two of these methods, resume distribution and resume blasting, are considered proactive approaches, while posting is a passive strategy. There are pros and cons of each approach, which is explained in more detail below.

Electronic Distribution

More accurately, electronic resume distribution is a database-driven strategy to sending out the document. With this approach, the user has access to a database of potential employers and recruiters, and the user decides where to send their document.

Prices for these services start at around $50 and go straight up from that price point. It's a proactive approach, since the job applicant is "pushing" their resume out and not sitting back and waiting for someone to notice it on a job board.

The service is only as good as its database, so it's important to understand exactly what is being delivered before hiring someone to help. It's also fast, since the client will pick and send their resume in just a session or two.

Electronic Posting

Using an electronic resume posting service involves posting the document to several job search boards at the same time. The companies providing this type of service will save their clients time, and often add some finishing touches to the document. Prices can range from around $40 to several hundred dollars to post the document to 80 or more electronic job posting sites.

The value that an electronic resume posting service adds is they can save their clients the time it takes to reformat their information to fit the nuances of the different job search boards. Some companies also include keyword, proofreading, and text conversion services. Adopting a posting strategy is a passive approach to resume distribution. Recruiters must do keyword searches, or queries, to find the document on a board.

Electronic Blasting

In contrast to the more selective approach to posting, resume blasting is best described as a volume approach. Prices for this service start around $50, and typically involve sending the document to 500,000 or more email addresses. Since the job hunter is pushing their resume to many potential recruiters and employers, this can certainly be labeled a proactive approach. It's important for clients to understand if the email recipients have agreed to receive these documents, or the process can be labeled as spam.

Choosing a Service

Before deciding which approach is best, the following is a short list of questions to think about:

  • Do I have the time or patience to do this work myself?
  • Will a more objective look at my resume help give it the polish it needs, or am I getting the results I need already?
  • Do I need a lot of exposure, or am I seeking a specialty position?

As is the case with all these methods, make sure the document is in good shape before it's posted, distributed, or blasted. Anyone getting a poor response rate from their existing resume will only be sending a sub-optimal document out to more people.

Finally, remember resume posting or other services are only one tool, and should be integrated into an overall job search toolbox. Anyone that's serious about finding a job, needs a multi-pronged approach to be successful. Remember to network, search the classifieds, and visit job listings on career sites every day.

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