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Last updated 23rd Nov 2022

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In this article, we're going to briefly explain the four major sections of a cover letter. Then we'll transition directly into four examples, which help visualize how a well-written cover letter is constructed. These downloadable documents can also serve as templates, providing users with a format to follow when constructing their own letters.

Cover Letter Basics

Since the cover letter is typically the first document a hiring manager or recruiter will review, it needs to compel the reader to look at the accompanying resume. It needs to be written as efficiently and effectively as possible; short and to the point.

In this article, only the basics of writing a cover letter will be reviewed. More information on this topic can be found in the following: How to Write a Cover Letter.

In general, all cover letters need to include the following four components:

  • Introductory Paragraph: a fact-filled overview of the skills and achievements that also appear on the resume.

  • Objective Statement: a summary of the job opportunities the applicant wants to pursue with a particular company.

  • Achievements: pulled directly from the resume and repeated in the cover letter.

  • Closing Statement: a simple declaration of the job applicant's optimism.

Downloadable Templates

The above components provide a high level overview of the information contained in a cover letter. The following four examples were selected to provide a variety of templates that can be customized to suit the user's individual needs and work experiences.

In a job application, a cover letter serves as an introductory piece in addition to a résumé. It’s significance extends beyond its content, though. A cover letter's main purpose, according to the career-focused website Glassdoor, is to demonstrate your own distinct personality through the conversation in the document. A well-written cover letter is therefore essential for every job, whether it be in retail, nursing, or customer service. You may get a large selection of cover letters in various formats for free at Template.net.

Sales Executive

The first example is a template suited for a sales executive or a general management position. This particular cover letter is written for a more seasoned employee that can draw upon some impressive / outstanding accomplishments.

This type of executive is very likely to have one or more college degrees, and has contributed to overall corporate sales in a fairly significant manner. This first example can be downloaded here: Sales Executive Cover Letter Template.

Finance / Accounting

This next example is tailored for the financial or accounting profession. Once again, this template is suitable for persons that can draw upon their professional experiences in addition to their education.

Not only is this type of professional likely to have a college degree, they are likely to have, or hold, an accreditation or certification such as a Certified Public Accountant. This type of individual has probably been involved with helping to establish the strategic direction of a company. This second example can be downloaded here: Finance or Accounting Cover Letter Template.

Computer Science

The next example is written for someone in the computer science or information technology field. However, this particular template is a good example of a cover letter that can be used in any type of technical discipline.

This example is useful for analysts or scientists, where there is a great deal of emphasis placed on technical abilities. It's also useful for individuals looking for a job that requires specialized skills or technical training. This third example can be downloaded here: Computer Science Cover Letter Template.

College Student or Recent Graduate

This final cover letter template is written for individuals that are relatively new to the workplace, or may have a minimal amount of work history to draw upon.

This example attempts to take some of the mystery out of such letters by providing a simple and relatively straightforward format to follow. This last example can be downloaded here: College Graduate Cover Letter Template.

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