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Java and SQL Are the Most Demanded Technology Skills in 2022

Java and SQL Are the Most Demanded Technology Skills in 2022

Last updated 18th Jul 2022
  • Emerging technologies are changing the way we work.
  • Learning these technologies is essential as more firms seek to improve their tech abilities.
  • Two programming languages, Java and SQL, are gaining prominence within the tech space.

The emerging technologies of the 21st century are changing the way we work. And it is becoming essential to learn them. Their demand is increasing as more organizations focus on improving their technological abilities. These technologies are not only challenging developers with new concepts. But are also redefining long-standing skill sets like programming languages and technology stacks.

Two of them, SQL and Java, are gaining prominence within the programming community. According to a Moneyzine data presentation, the two top the five most preferred programming languages worldwide. In addition, Moneyzine's 2022 analysis shows that 19% of programmers would choose the two over the others.

The popularity of Java and SQL has been growing steadily over the last decade. But their use has spiked recently as more organizations seek to build sophisticated applications that require them. These organizations realize that these two languages are often better suited to meet their needs than other alternatives such as Python or Ruby on Rails.
Luke Eales states, Moneyzine's CEO

So What Makes Java and SQL So Popular?

Two reasons explain the growing popularity of Java and SQL. First, they are powerful technologies with wide applications. Secondly, they are easy to use. SQL enables you to connect with various databases, while Java will help you write high-quality code faster than other programming languages. Java derives that quality from its object-oriented nature.

SQL is popular with companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix to store data and make it accessible to their users. This information enables users to find what they're looking for within their sites easily. It also helps companies improve their search results based on user feedback!

Java powers many popular websites, including YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It supports developers to write programs once but run them anywhere. Thus they don't have to rewrite code when creating an application for different operating systems or devices like smartphones or tablets. This saves them time and money, allowing them to focus their efforts on developing new features.

A Bright Future for Programmers

The rise in popularity of big data analytics and machine learning has increased the stature of programming languages. Many companies rely on them to manage their massive amounts of data which is good news for aspiring software developers or data analysts. That's because companies will continue needing people with these skill sets.

The use of Big Data technologies (such as Hadoop) has recently been increasing rapidly. And with it comes the need for developers who can work with these tools.

Again, there is a growing demand for mobile apps which require Java-based code to run on Android or iOS devices. Developers who can write code in both Java and SQL are in high demand because they can create apps for both mobile platforms.

Karen Idorn

Karen Idorn

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