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How to Send Money to Poland

Last updated 25th Nov 2022

There are a large number of international money transfer operators that support sending money to Poland. Some popular examples include Wise, XE Money Transfer, and Remitly. These providers can send funds to Poland fast while keeping the costs affordable.

In this guide, you'll learn more about international money transfer operators for sending funds to Poland.

How to Send Money to Poland Using a Money Transfer Provider?

The process of sending money to Poland by using an online money transfer service is simple. You only need to follow these three steps to execute a transaction.

Step 1: Compare providers to find the one that best fits you
Step 2: Sign up with the chosen provider
Step 3: Transfer money

How to Send and Receive Money in Poland?

According to the World Bank, received personal remittances in Poland were USD 6.73 billion in 2020. The all-time high was in 2008, when the amount crossed USD 10 billion. International money transfer operators have been handling most of the money, but there are other available options.

Ways to Send Money to Poland

The great thing about sending money to Poland is that multiple payment methods are available in most locations. Money transfer operators do their best to cover as many countries as possible. Here's how MTPs and other methods compare when sending money to Poland.

Money Transfer Services

An international money transfer operator allows sending funds to another country online. You pick a service, such as Wise, Remitly, or Ria Money Transfer, and use their website or app.

It's necessary to register an account and verify your data to help prevent money laundering and other scams. The registration is a one-time simple process.

MTPs have an ordering form where you enter the information about the sum to send and preferred payment and delivery methods. The money transfer companies provide a clear overview of the exchange rate and connected costs. If you approve, confirm the transaction, and the funds will be on their way immediately.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are not as attractive as they were previously since sending money takes a lot of time. The funds aren't likely to be available for days, and the service could be expensive.

While wire transfers are reliable, money transfer operators are faster and often come with lower fees.

Bank Account Transfers

Bank transfers are a frequently used option to send money to Poland. But sending funds internationally via a bank could be a hassle. You need to get detailed recipient information, including their account info, SWIFT, and other bank details.

Powszechna Kasa Oszczednosci Bank Polski and ING Bank Slaski are among the top service providers in this country. These financial institutions may ask you to provide a source of funding. Both banks might charge large fees for the transfer, so it's cheaper and easier to use international money transfer operators.

Challenger Banks

Challenger banks are fintech challengers to traditional banking providers. These companies focus on specific banking areas and offer digitally-focused services to their clients. Challenger banks in Poland include mBank, Nest Bank, and institutions from other countries like Bunq and N26.

While these banks are modern, they might not have stable finances, which can make the transfer of large sums riskier. The fees are often higher than with money transfer operators.

Mobile Apps and Payment Services

Google Pay and Apple Pay are both available in Poland to pay in stores. These mobile payment services are convenient but not the best choice for moving funds internationally.

The good news is that most money transfer operators come with iOS and Android apps to use on the go. The fees are identical, ensuring more affordable and faster money transfers to Poland.


PayPal has a long history, and it's among the most reliable e-wallets and web-based payment services. It's convenient since many individuals and business clients have a registered PayPal account.

While transfers are fast, PayPal is famous for its unfavorable fees and exchange rates. You'll lose a lot when converting funds on the platform, and money transfer operators are a far better option.

Money Transfers to a Pick-Up Location

Many senders find this method a hassle since it requires heading to an agent to send the money. Some money transfer services, such as Western Union, have thousands of locations worldwide, making it easy to send funds from large cities.

But if you live in a remote area or the nearby agent isn’t that near, it's much better to stick to online money transfer operators.

What Do You Need to Send Money to Poland?

As a sender, you'll need a registered account with the preferred money transfer Service. The other documents include:

  • Personal documents. It's necessary to verify identity with an official photo ID issued by the government.

  • The sum you are sending and the preferred payment method. If you use a bank transfer, you need a valid bank account. For other methods offered by MTPs, you need to secure the sum planned to send and cover any relevant fees.

  • Recipient's details. Depending on the method, you'll need the receiver's name, phone number, and address. Bank transfers require SWIFT, account number, and additional information.

  • Source of funding. If the sum is large, you might need to prove its origin by providing a property sale contract, salary statement, or other relevant documents.

What Are the Ways of Receiving Money in Poland?

Money transfer operators allow the sender to pick from multiple delivery methods for the funds sent to Poland. Here are the common options to discuss with the receiver:

Location Pick Up

The method requires the receiver to head to the collection point and pick up the money. Western Union has 8,300 collection locations throughout Poland. MoneyGram, Xoom, and other services also have agents available in the country.

Although the delivery is fast, the problem with cash collection is that it's not safe to carry large amounts.

Direct Bank Deposits

A direct bank deposit is a much safer alternative. Poland is an EU country, and most adults have a registered account with at least a single bank. MTPs consider this the default delivery method and have partnerships with a host of major financial institutions in Poland.

Direct bank deposits mean the receiver has funds available without doing anything. It's convenient when transferring large funds since the money remains safe with the bank.

What Do You Need to Receive Money in Poland?

The receiver will need the following to collect the money:

  • A valid ID. For cash collections, the name should match the one you provided when sending the money. For bank deposits, they might need to prove their ID to collect the funds from a branch.

  • Transaction information. Many services, such as Western Union, identify transactions by using control numbers. As a sender, you need to deliver that number so the receiver can collect the funds.

  • Other information. Receivers might need to provide the sender's name and other details required by financial institutions.

Top Money Transfer Providers to Send Money to Poland

Money Transfer ProviderFeesDeposit MethodsPoland RegulatorWiseFrom USD 4.29 + 0.49%Debit and credit cards, direct debit, bank transfersPolish Financial Supervision Authority – KNFXE Money TransferFrom 0%Debit and credit cards, direct debit, bank transfers, EFT, ACHPolish Financial Supervision Authority – KNFRemitlyFrom USD 0.99Debit cards, bank transfers, cashPolish Financial Supervision Authority – KNF

Wise – Best for Sending Money to Poland Overall

Wise offers favorable rates for USD, EUR, and other major currencies used to send money to Poland. They even guarantee a rate to confirm there aren't last-minute changes. You get a transparent fee overview before you initiate the transfer. Wise also supports business transactions, including multi-currency accounts.

Pros and cons of using Wise


  • Fast delivery times with debit and credit cards.

  • Support for 30+ countries and currencies.

  • Lower charges for large sums.


  • Unfavorable credit card fees.

  • The duration of the guaranteed rate varies on the country.

3 Steps to Start Using the Provider

  • Step 1: Wise has a dedicated page for sending money to Poland.

  • Step 2: Enter transfer parameters and choose the desired payment method.

  • Step 3: Complete the transaction form and finalize the transfer.

Best Alternatives

  • Western Union, Azimo, TorFX.

XE Money Transfer – Best for Large Transfers

XE Money Transfer supports sending money from Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia, and some European and Asian countries. You can check live rates and estimated delivery times before finalizing the transaction. Android and iOS apps enable sending funds to Poland on the go.

Pros and cons of using XE Money Transfer


  • Better exchange rates for large sums.

  • Transparent fee overview.

  • Business transaction support.


  • Limited payment methods in some locations.

  • The maximum sum per online transfer is USD 500,000.

3 Steps to Start Using the Provider

  • Step 1: Find the sending form at the XE's website.

  • Step 2: Choose the currency and the amount to send, as well as the receiving currency.

  • Step 3: If you are happy with the rate, confirm the transaction and sign in to finalize it.

Best Alternatives

  • Wise, Instarem, Ria Money Transfer.

Remitly – Best for Guaranteed Delivery Times

Remitly has a guaranteed delivery time for each transaction. If the money isn't available by the time promised, the platform will refund your fees. You can speed up the transaction with Express delivery, but it comes with a higher charge. Remitly offers 24/7 customer support and a useful help section.

Pros and cons of using Remitly


  • Promo rates for first-time users.

  • Partnership with major Polish banks.

  • Multi-level security to keep your funds and data safe.


  • Higher fees when EUR is the receiving currency.

  • The additional verification process for higher sending limits.

3 Steps to Start Using the Provider

  • Step 1: Head to the Remitly website to learn about the promo fee for your first transfer.

  • Step 2: Register an account and pick payment and delivery options.

  • Step 3: Finalize the transaction.

Best Alternatives

  • TransferGo, TorFX, Azimo.

What Are the Fastest Ways to Send Money to Poland?

International transaction speeds will depend on three factors – how fast the funds would be deposited, how much it'll take the platform to process the transfer, and how long the receiving institution needs to make the funds available. The following money transfer services will ensure to complete the entire process is completed quickly:

Money Transfer ProviderTransfer SpeedFeesWestern UnionFrom minutes0% on the first transferTransferGoWithin 30 minutes0% on the first transferRemitlyFrom minutesFrom USD 0.99

Debit and credit cards are the fastest deposit method available as the funds are available immediately, while bank account deposits take longer. Many international money platforms process the transaction almost instantly, ensuring your funds are available in minutes.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Send Money to Poland?

Money transfer operators often waive their fees on the first transaction to welcome new users. Some platforms do not even charge for transfers since they earn via exchange rates below the mid-market levels. Here are the most tempting providers for sending money to Poland when it comes to low fees.

Money Transfer ProviderFeesTransfer SpeedXE Money TransferFrom 0%0-3 working daysRia Money Transfer0% on the first transfer0-5 working daysTorFX0%1-3 working days

Apart from the welcome bonus, many platforms have reward programs for regular customers. Some operators offer live exchange rates, while others require you to request a quote. That extends the process since it is necessary to wait for a reply before arranging the transaction. And don't forget that there could be additional fees for certain deposit methods, usually credit cards.

What Is the Safest Way to Send Money to Poland?

Sticking to the latest regulations and security standards is important for users but also money transfer providers. Many go the extra mile and add further safety features to increase trust with the customers. The list of providers with extra security options is in the table below.

Money Transfer ProviderExtra Security OptionFeesWiseAuthorized by FinCENFrom USD 4.29 + 0.49%Western UnionReal-time transfer tracking0% on the first transferAzimoAnti-fraud and encryption technologyFrom EUR 1.99

Apart from being regulated by financial bodies, some platforms get a certificate from other authorities, such as the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Using encryption for the website and transactions, as well as an anti-fraud system, is quite common. Many platforms also offer real-time transfer tracking in order to give their users peace of mind.

What Are the Best Apps to Send Money to Poland?

Money-sending apps are an alternative to using websites to send money to Poland. Apps are available on smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. The sending process is similar, but the interface adjusts to a smaller screen. Here are the top apps to transfer funds to Poland.

Money Transfer AppTransfer TimeFeesTransferGoFrom minutesFrom EUR 0.99PayPalSame DayUp to 5%MoneyGramSame DayFrom 0%

The majority of money transfer operators have mobile apps for iOS and Android. The software is free to download, and you can find it on the website or in your device's app store. The fees are the same as when using the website.

Things to Consider When Sending Money to Poland

Poland has been a part of the European Union since 2004. While the official country's currency is PLN, you can also send funds in EUR. Here's what else to know when sending money to Poland:

Local Authorities

Urzad Komisji Nadzoru Finansowego (Polish Financial Supervision Authority – KNF) is the leading regulatory authority for the financial and banking industry in the country.

It supervises financial, capital, insurance, and pension markets, as well as payment institutions and services. International money transfer providers need to acquire a license from KNF to offer their services in Poland. Poland is not a part of the Eurozone, so its banks are not under the European Central Bank's supervision.

How Much You Are Sending Abroad

Polish authorities won't limit how much money you can send to the country. However, the sender's local authorities might require the reporting of large transactions. For example, the US requires reporting all international transfers above USD 10,000.

The limitations might vary depending on the money transfer service used. Some will put daily restrictions at as little as USD 2.999 and transaction limits even lower. On the other hand, some platforms support sending over USD 500,000, but that requires contacting the staff first.

The Cost of Money Transfers

International money transfer providers are commercial platforms charging for their services. You'll find the exchange rates offered are below the mid-market level.

Many operators use this as their primary revenue source, but some also include transaction fees. These charges depend on the payment and delivery method, sent amount, etc. Some providers have welcome offers that include a free first transfer or promo market rates, as well as a reward program for loyal customers.

The best option when looking for the cheapest way to send money is to compare the different money transfer options available.

Payment Type and Reason for the Transfer

Personal and business transactions are available when sending money to Poland. Individual transfers are more common, where users will send funds to Poland to support families from overseas or as a gift.

Business transactions are more complex, and you need to register a separate account. Both transfer types include verifying your account by providing relevant documents.

Safety and Security of the Provider

Having to choose from dozens of money transfer services that support sending money to Poland can be a gift and a curse. In this guide, you can access the safest and most reliable MTPs. They have licenses from relevant financial authorities, such as KNF and FCA.

The best money transfer operators encrypt transactions and protect their servers with the latest security measures. It ensures your sensitive information remains safe and prevents data breaches.

Tax Regulations in Poland

It is necessary to pay a Personal Income Tax (PIT) on any transaction from abroad. The tax-free amount is PLN 30,000 annually. However, please warn the receiver they might pay a 17% tax on transactions up to PLN 120,000 and PLN 15,300 + 32% on larger sums.

Gift and inheritance tax is also applicable, but there are exemptions. Due to the complicated tax system, it is best for the receiver to consult a Polish tax expert.


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