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How to Send Money to Jamaica

Last updated 29th Nov 2022

International money transfer operators are a true blessing if you want to send funds to Jamaica. They offer a simple, reliable, and fast way to move funds to this country. Services like WorldRemit, Western Union, and Ria Money Transfer can transfer your money in minutes.

You'll discover more international money transfer operators in this guide, but also mention alternative methods to send money to Jamaica. Don't forget to read the specific considerations when sending funds to this country and which documents you need to adhere to the regulations. Here are all the details for transferring funds to Jamaica!

How to Send Money to Jamaica Using a Money Transfer Provider?

The process of sending money to Jamaica by using an online money transfer service is simple. You only need to follow these three steps to execute a transaction.

Step 1: Compare providers to find the one that best fits you
Step 2: Sign up with the chosen provider
Step 3: Transfer money

How to Send and Receive Money in Jamaica?

The statistics show remittances in Jamaica were USD 3,497 million in 2021, which is an increase of about USD 500 million compared to the previous year. International money transfer providers handle more transactions each year, but let's check all the available options to send and receive money in Jamaica.

Ways to Send Money to Jamaica

It's best to choose online international money transfer operators since you can send funds to Jamaica from any location. But depending on your preferences, you can pick from multiple transaction options, so check the available choices below!

Money Transfer Services

International money transfer operators are providers that allow sending money to Jamaica from other countries. The actual list depends on the provider, but some support moving funds to Jamaica from over 150 locations.

The payment method variety is impressive since you can use cards, bank transfers, and even some local options for your country. MTPs can process transactions in minutes, and most are completed on the same day.

From the sender's perspective, it only takes a few clicks to move money to Jamaica online. International money transfer operators are easy to use but 100% safe. They have the necessary licenses from local and international authorities and apply security features to keep your data and funds safe.

Wire Transfers

For most countries, wire transfers used to be the only option to send money internationally. But today, they are nowhere near MTPs regarding transfer speed and affordability.

Wire transfers are expensive and require heading to banks or other financial institutions. The process of sending money could take days, and the fees are harsh. Unlike that, money transfer providers offer a fast and simple way to send money while keeping the fees low.

Bank Account Transfers

National Commercial Bank, JMMB Bank, and Citibank are some financial institutions in Jamaica that offer international money transactions. Sending money from one bank account to another in a different country is often slow and requires having detailed bank and receiver information.

Specialized money transfer operators support sending funds to bank accounts, but they speed up the process by allowing alternative ways of depositing money to their sites. It speeds up the process while saving you some money, which makes MTPs the better option to transfer funds to Jamaica.

Challenger Banks

Some challenger banks, such as JN Bank, have their headquarters in Jamaica. The actual services offered by these facilities are limited compared to regular banks. If they support international money transfers, the odds are the rates are unfavorable.

It's risky to move large funds with challenger banks since their solvency isn't impressive compared to reputable money transfer operators. MTPs also offer faster transfers with affordable fees, making them a better option for sending money to Jamaica.

Mobile Apps and Payment Services

Apple Pay and Google Pay are both available on contactless terminals in Jamaica. If these or similar services are available in your location, you can use them to send money to this country.

However, please note these services aren't specialized in international money transactions. Therefore, it'll be easier to send funds with MTPs, and they are available in more markets than mobile payment services.

If you would like to know more about these apps, we created the following guide on the best money transfer apps where you can compare them and see how they work.


PayPal serves to pay things online, but it also offers fast money transactions beyond borders. The e-payment system supports personal and business transfers to Jamaica, although the receiver needs to have a registered account on this platform.

The service is fast as the transfers are mostly instant. However, the fees are harsh, and exchange rates are highly unfavorable. Money transfer operators also have impressive transfer speeds while keeping the charges lower.

Money Transfers to a Pickup Location

Taking cash to a pickup location is an option if you don't have any alternatives. But bringing money with you is risky, and it's easier to transfer money online from your home or any other location.

Some money transfer operators, such as Western Union, have the option to pay with cash. However, these platforms have worse exchange rates in stores than on websites, and fees might be higher, too.

What Do You Need to Send Money to Jamaica?

From the sender's perspective, you need to prepare the following:

  • Payment amount. You'll need to include the fees imposed by the provider and other participating institutions.

  • Personal documents. Most money transfer providers require account verification by confirming your identity with a valid photo-containing ID.

  • Recipient's details. Always make sure to include the name in the official documents. Some platforms might require addresses, phone numbers, and other details.

  • Proof of money. This includes documents confirming how you obtained the money you are sending. It could be a property sale contract, salary statement, or any other relevant document.

What Are the Ways of Receiving Money in Jamaica?

The receiver should get information via email or SMS that the money is available. Depending on what you agreed, they can collect the funds in the following ways.

Location Pick Up

Providers like Western Union have locations throughout Jamaica. The receiver can head to these agents to collect the money. Jamaica isn't a big island, so this might be a convenient way to pick up the funds. However, security is a potential problem since the receiver will collect cash, so there's a risk of theft.

Direct Bank Deposits

It seems to be a safer alternative, but the problem is the majority of the adult population doesn't have a bank account or a bank facility nearby. The receiver will have the funds available in their account without doing anything since the bank processes the transaction automatically, and there's the option of collecting cash from an ATM.

Airtime Top-Up

Airtime top-up is available on some international money platforms, such as WorldRemit. You'll need to get the receiver's phone number, and the funds you can send are quite limited. However, the transfer speed makes this a convenient method in some situations since the receiver will have the money available quickly.

What Do You Need to Receive Money in Jamaica?

The usual documents to receive funds in Jamaica include

  • Valid ID with a photo. Some providers, such as WorldRemit, require two IDs if the receiver collects over JMD 200,000. Alternatively, they can provide one ID and another proof of address.

  • Taxpayer registration number. It's necessary to apply any relevant taxes.

  • Sender's information. This could include the name but also the transaction info, such as the amount sent.

  • TRN or Transaction Reference Number. It could be anywhere from eight to 14 digits, depending on the chosen platform.

Top Money Transfer Providers to Send Money to Jamaica

Money Transfer ProviderFeesDeposit MethodsJamaica RegulatorWorldRemitFrom USD 3.99Debit and credit cards, bank transfers, Apple Pay, Mobile Money, InteracRia Money Transfer0% on the first transfer; From USD 3.00Debit and credit cards, bank transfers, cashWestern Union0% on the first transfer; From USD 1.99Debit and credit cards, bank transfers, cash in-store

WorldRemit – Best for Multiple Payment Methods

WorldRemit works with JMMB Money Transfer and Victoria Mutual, reputable financial institutions in Jamaica. The actual payment methods depend on the country, but creating a transfer is easy. It only takes minutes, and the exchange rate stays the same regardless of the amount you are sending.

Pros and cons of using WorldRemit


  • 95% of cash pickup transfers are available in three minutes

  • Transparent exchange rate and fee overview

  • Easy registration and ordering process


  • Sending USD is only available via airtime top-up

  • No special first-time transfer offers

3 Steps to Start Using the Provider

  • Step 1: Begin from WorldRemit's page intended for those sending money to Jamaica.

  • Step 2: Pick the sending and receiving currency and check the offer.

  • Step 3: Proceed with the registration and confirm the transaction.

Best Alternatives

  • TransferGo, PayPal, Remitly

Ria Money Transfer – Best for Sending on the Go

Ria Money Transfer got great reviews for its mobile apps and overall portable device support. The intuitive interface makes this platform the simplest option to send money to Jamaica on the go. The transfer limit is USD 2,999 for cards and bank transfers and USD 494 for cash deposits.

Pros and cons of using Ria Money Transfer


  • Apps for Android and iOS work flawlessly

  • Card transfers are processed almost instantly

  • Simple transfer process with a clear cost overview


  • 0% fee for the first transfer only available for sums over USD 50

  • Credit card fees are higher than for other methods

3 Steps to Start Using the Provider

  • Step 1: Choose Jamaica as the destination country on Ria's website.

  • Step 2: Check the fees and confirm you agree with the terms.

  • Step 3: Register an account and finalize the payment.

Best Alternatives

  • Western Union, TransferGo, Remitly

Western Union – Best for Favorable Fees

Western Union has approximately 100 locations throughout Jamaica, which is enough for this small island. The receiver should find a pickup location easily, and the same goes for you since WU has thousands of locations in over 200 countries. With most payment methods, transfers occur in minutes.

Pros and cons of using Western Union


  • Many deposit options for online transfers

  • Refer a friend bonus and a reward program

  • Transparent cost overview


  • The rates are worse when paying cash in stores#

  • You can send up to JMD 955,000 from the US

3 Steps to Start Using the Provider

  • Step 1: Visit the page for sending money to Jamaica on the WU's website.

  • Step 2: Specify the terms and deposit funds.

  • Step 3: Finalize the transfer and track it to see when it arrives.

Best Alternatives

  • Remitly, Ria Money Transfer, WorldRemit

What Are the Fastest Ways to Send Money to Jamaica?

Thanks to technological advancements, you can send money to Jamaica from any part of the world in minutes. But the speed depends on the chosen payment platform. Here is how international money transfer providers to process transactions immediately.

Money Transfer ProviderTransfer SpeedFeesWorldRemitFrom minutesFrom USD 3.99RemitlyFrom minutesFrom USD 2.99TransferGoWithin 30 minutes0% on the first two transfers; From EUR 1.99

The transfer speed depends on the payment method used, so go with card deposits since they are usually instant. Some platforms require higher fees to prioritize your transfer, and processing it is instant. The platforms listed above promise to process most transactions in minutes.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Send Money to Jamaica?

As commercial companies, international money providers need to charge the services provided. Apart from offering lower exchange rates than the mid-market level, they might charge transaction and other fees. Here's the list of the operators with the lowest charges.

Money Transfer ProviderFeesTransfer SpeedTransferGo0% on the first two transfers; From EUR 1.99From 30 minutesRia Money Transfer0% on the first transfer; From USD 3.00From minutesWestern Union0% on the first transfer; From USD 1.99From minutes

Some providers welcome their users with a 0% fee on the first or more transactions. Others try to keep their charges low, although they can vary on the payment method and the chosen transfer speed. For example, it might cost less if you stick to regular instead of choosing a high-priority transfer.

What Is the Safest Way to Send Money to Jamaica?

Let's get one thing straight – all operators listed on this page are 100% checked and secure. They have the necessary licenses and do their business legally in Jamaica and worldwide. However, some providers understand the importance of reputation, so they do their best to maximize user safety. And here's the list of operators with the highest dedication to security.

Money Transfer ProviderExtra Security OptionFeesWestern UnionFraud hotline0% on the first transfer; From USD 1.99WorldRemit24/7 phone supportFrom USD 3.99RemitlyDetailed security guideFrom USD 2.99

Most providers have a guide that will help you avoid identity and financial theft and other online scams. Some have a fraud hotline you can use to report anything that might be out of the ordinary. Many operators offer 24/7 phone support with specialized contact numbers for most big countries – you can contact them with any question related to the service.

What Are the Best Apps to Send Money to Jamaica?

Keeping up with the latest standards includes having a smartphone and mobile app. That's what most international money providers adhere to, so you can send money to Jamaica on the go. Here's the list of the best-rated apps to send money via an app!

Money Transfer AppTransfer TimeFeesPayPalSame DayUp to 5%MoneyGramSame DayFrom 0%Ria Money TransferSame Day0% on the first transfer; From USD 3.00

The apps listed are available on Android and iOS, and you can download them for free. The software works on most newer devices and offers the same features as when using the website. You'll find the apps are simple to use and 100% bug-free, so there's no worrying about crashes while filling in the information to send money to Jamaica.

Things to Consider When Sending Money to Jamaica

Local Authorities

Jamaica faced a period of instability during the 1990s. In an effort to stabilize the financial sector, they adopted the Financial Services Commission Act in 2001.

Today, the two crucial local authorities in Jamaica include;

  • Bank of Jamaica. It regulates banks, trust companies, building societies, and other deposit-taking institutions.

  • Financial Services Commission. FSC is in charge of regulating and supervising pension, insurance, and security industries.

How Much You Are Sending Abroad

The sum you plan to send to Jamaica is important for these reasons:

  • Limits imposed by providers. The restriction varies – for example, WorldRemit puts it at USD 2,999 per transfer, but Western Union allows sending up to JMD 955,000.

  • Fees and exchange rates. Most platforms offer identical or better rates for large sums. As for the charges, some MTPs are ready to give up on their fees if you send large amounts to Jamaica.

  • Potential large-value transactions. While there's no info, big-value transactions might attract the attention of local authorities, which might require the sender or receiver to provide more information.

The Cost of Money Transfers

Most international money transfer operators have fees that vary on the payment method, so it's more expensive to use a credit card than a bank transfer. Many providers offer benefits, such as a welcome offer for newcomers and reward programs for loyal customers.

International money transfers have different exchange rates, but they are all below the mid-market level. It's how they earn, but some MTPs offer better rates than others. The research I conducted indicates Western Union and Ria seem to provide the best rates.

Payment Type and Reason for the Transfer

The survey conducted in 2010 indicates that most remittances received from abroad are spent on food and utilities in Jamaica (37% combined). Education, housing, medical expenses, and investments are also frequent payment reasons. These are mostly personal payments you make as an individual.

Apart from that, business transfers to Jamaica are also an option. Many money transfer operators offer business accounts with multi-currency support and other benefits. Always make sure to separate business and personal transactions – money transfer providers will require having separate accounts if you do both.

Safety and Security of the Provider

Bank of Jamaica are in charge of issuing licenses to payment providers in this country. Apart from the local authorities, the best international money transfer operators have licenses from FCA and other reputable international bodies.

From the security aspect, MTPs apply transaction encryption and other features to protect their servers from data breaches. It's a way to keep your sensitive info and funds safe when sending money to Jamaica.

Tax Regulations in Jamaica

Jamaica have applicable tax rates on worldwide income for its residents and domiciled individuals. That means you don't have to pay taxes as the sender, although you might need to report large transactions to local authorities. Check with the local law expert to see if that's necessary.

As for the receiver, there's a 25% tax on income up to JMD 6 million and 30% above JMD 6 million. The authorities have an annual tax-free threshold set at JMD 1.5 million. If the receiver doesn't get more than that yearly, they don't have to pay tax.


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