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Last updated 29th Nov 2022

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As college students, stay-at-home parents, and retirees look to earn some extra money, part time jobs are becoming more popular. That's good news for employers too. Many companies prefer to hire part-time workers, since these employees are usually not entitled to benefits. This gives them access to a relatively inexpensive workforce, and the part timer a chance to earn some extra money without the commitment that a full time position requires.

Finding Part Time Jobs

The process of finding a part time job doesn't have to be complex. Let's say you're a 15 year old that's interested in working in a retail store. A good way to go about finding a part time job is to take a walk through a local mall or even through the retail center in a local township. Many stores advertise through Help Wanted signs posted right in their windows. Chances are that at least one store in a local mall is looking for someone to fill in part time.

Students Looking for Part Time Employment

One advantage that students have when looking for a part time job is that they are out of school in the summertime. Nearly every large company with a call center has a need for part time workers during the summer months. These workers are used to backfill for full time employees that are taking vacation. Unlike some professions, where the work can wait until the person returns from vacation, call centers are just one example of work that needs to get done regardless of vacation schedules.

Many colleges also work with local companies that provide for internship opportunities to students. If allowed, the student can even earn college credits while working. At the very least, the internship provides the student with work experience that is challenging, and will look good on their resume. To find out what services a college might offer, check with the school's career placement and planning department.

Finally, the Internet is a great place to start a search for a part time job. There are many websites that specialize in this area. Later in this article we're going to talk about several of those online resources.

Part Time Jobs at Home

Anyone that's looking for a part time job that can be done from home should take a look at our article: Legitimate Work at Home Jobs. There we have information on the types of jobs that can be done from the comforts of a home, including starting business. Most work at home jobs can easily be converted to part time jobs. According to remote working stats, "working remotely enables people to set their own schedules" which means they can divide their time and consider their job as a part time job.

Online Resources

There are some online resources that specialize in part time jobs for teens, college students, hourly workers, and adults. In fact, it is possible to find summer and seasonal jobs that may be flexible enough to provide some additional money and still fit well with someone's lifestyle.

The following online websites specialize in listing part time jobs:

  • SnagAJob.com: lists only hourly and part-time work. This website also provides leads on full time employment opportunities too.

  • CoolWorks: specializes in finding seasonal or part time jobs in some of the coolest places on earth.

  • Monster Hourly / Part Time Jobs: this hourly and skilled part time work database is searchable via keyword and geographic location.


While the code of conduct for a part time job is not as strict as full time employment, there are still some rules that everyone should follow to increase their chances of being offered a job. One of the first things to do is prepare a resume. People seeking part time work mistakenly believe that they do not need to have a resume; that's simply not true.

The act of preparing a resume demonstrates the applicant is serious about getting a job. Employers like people that take work seriously. It also serves to separate these individuals from the rest of the crowd by leaving a good impression with a potential employer. Anyone that doesn't already have a resume prepared should take a look at our article: Resume Writing Tips.


If asked to come in for a job interview, don't worry about running out and buying a new business suit just for the meeting. Employers understand that the workforce seeking part time jobs may not have business attire hanging in the closet.

Make sure your appearance is neat and clean. If that means getting a haircut, then do it. Employers believe interview candidates will show up to the meeting looking to make a good first impression. Anyone that thinks going to an interview wearing sweatpants is a good idea might as well stay home.

If asked to participate in an interview, make sure to follow up afterwards; this is something that will increase the chance of being offered a job. Employers like it when candidates take the initiative to follow up.

Again, it helps to make a good first impression. Don't get "pushy" with the company about a hiring decision. A follow-up call about a week after the interview to ask if a decision has been made is appropriate. It's also a good opportunity to answer any questions that might have come up after the interview.

Job Seeking Success

Finally, be prepared for disappointment. Sometimes job openings just disappear for no apparent reason. They're given to relatives or close friends; sometimes the work just goes away. Don't get discouraged by a "thanks, but no thanks" response. Finding a part time job takes a lot of hard work, and a little bit of luck.

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