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Resume Blasting

Last updated 4th Oct 2022


The term resume blasting is used to describe a fee-based service that allows the client to send an electronic copy of their resume to many potential employers, and recruiters, at the same time.


Resume blasting is one of several methods a job hunter can use to market their resume. The concept behind resume blasting is this: the higher the number of resumes distributed, the greater the probability the client will receive a positive response from a potential employer or recruiter.

Since resume blasting may involve the distribution of a resume to hundreds of thousands of recipients, this approach is normally performed using an electronic resume that is sent through email. The concept is built upon a quantity over quality approach, and the job hunter should recognize the shortcomings of this tactic.

Resume blasting is the most aggressive approach to distributing a resume used today, especially when compared to the more targeted approach of using a resume distribution service. It is also a proactive approach, which pushes a resume to others. This is in contrast with the passive approach of resume posting.

Note: The CAN-SPAM Act has all but eliminated blasting, since it requires bulk email distributions.

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