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Deferred Admission (Admission Deferment)

Last updated 29th Nov 2022


The term deferred admission typically refers to a student that decides to postpone enrollment in a college or university for one year or term. Deferred admission can also refer to a process that involves converting an early action or early decision admissions application to a regular application.


Also known as admission deferment, deferred admission can refer to two similar, but not identical, processes. For example, a student that has been admitted to a college or university may decide they would like to take some time off from academics before returning to school.

Postponing enrollment may be granted by the school's admissions department under certain conditions. Usually, the student requesting this type of deferment must be a fall, first-year student. Delayed admission may only be granted for reasons that include illness, religious service, military service, or participation in a humanitarian effort. An acceptance fee will oftentimes still be charged, and the student may have to reapply for consideration for merit awards and honors programs. Finally, students may be prohibited from attending courses at other institutions of higher learning during their deferment.

The term deferred admission can also refer to an admissions process that involves delaying a decision to accept a student. This process occurs when a student applies for early decision or early action, and involves converting those types of applications to a "standard" application. This means the admissions department will re-evaluate the student for entry at a later date, along with the other applications they receive as part of their "normal" process. This type of deferment usually frees the student from any obligation they had under the terms agreed to when applying under early decision or early action.

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