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Articles: Loan Calculators

Our free online loan calculators generally fall into one of four types: those that can help you with new loans, those that can help you make better decisions if you already have a loan, those that deal with specialty type loans or credit cards, and those that can help college students and / or parents planning for college tuition.

New Loan Calculators

This first set of loan calculators can help you get started down the path to finding the right kind of loan for your own personal situation. They can help you figure out the APR on a loan, the cost of the loan, or simply make comparisons between loans:

Existing Loan Calculators

This second set of loan calculators are geared toward individuals with an existing loan. If you're thinking about paying off a loan, refinancing, or simply want to see how much money you still owe on a loan, these are the calculators you'll want to try:

Debt and Credit Card Calculators

This next category of loan calculators is aimed at individuals having trouble making their existing monthly loan payments. One set of calculators lets you evaluate the option of an interest only loan, while the second set can help you figure out if a debt consolidation type of loan can help make it a little easier to make ends meet each month.

Student Loan Calculators

The calculators you'll find in our loan calculator section apply to students and parents saving for college, or those individuals looking to pay off an existing student loan. These calculators can help you figure out how much college might cost you in the future, and how much you'll need to save each year in a college fund to meet that potential future financial obligation.