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Articles: Insurance Calculators

Our free insurance calculators generally fall into one of three types of tools: life insurance calculators, disability calculators, and miscellaneous calculators of various types. You can use these calculators to get an estimate of the insurance needs you might have prior to consulting with an insurance carrier.

Life Insurance Calculators

Our life insurance calculators will help you to compare your life insurance options, and also help you figure out just how much life insurance you might need. We have relatively simple calculators for quick estimates, while others take more time to complete and provide more complex estimates.

Disability Insurance and Long Term Care Calculators

Our disability insurance calculator can help you to figure out if you need to think about providing income for loved ones in the event you become disabled. On the other hand, if you're caring for a loved one that might eventually require long-term care or nursing home care, our calculators can help you to figure out how much money you might need.