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Articles: Auto Loan Calculators

Our free online auto loan calculators generally fall into one of three types of tools: calculators that look at the loan or lending process, those that help you make a decision between buying a new, used or leased car, and those that take a quick look at specialty type loans available to the new car market.

Car Loan Comparison Calculators

We have a total of four calculators that can help you evaluate a new car loan, figure out how large a car loan you might want or need and make car loan comparisons:

New, Used, and Leased Car Calculators

Our next set of online calculators can be used to help make a decision between a new or used car and buying versus leasing a car. There's also a depreciation calculator, which can be used to help with the leasing computations.

Specialty Car Loan Calculators

Our final two calculators have to do with specialty loans available to the new car market. These are loans that you might want to compare to those offered to you by a dealership, or simply as an alternative way to pay off an existing car loan.