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A deed is a written document that transfers legal ownership of property from one entity to another. In the case of real estate, a deed is used to transfer the certificate of title.


When a home is purchased, a deed transfers ownership to the buyer and lending institution if a mortgage is used to finance the purchase. When a mortgage is paid in full, a deed transfers complete ownership from the lending institution to the borrower.

A deed can take several specialized forms:

  • Sheriff's Deed: given to a property owner as a result of a sheriff's sale.
  • Master Deed: used to describe land associated with condominium complexes and other forms of shared or common property.
  • Tax Deed: given to a purchaser of a tax lien.

The Recorder of Deeds is a government office responsible for maintaining public records such as real estate transactions. In the United States, the Recorder of Deeds is typically a county official or the equivalent.

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