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An Overview of Property Taxes by State in 2022

Last updated 29th Nov 2022

If you want to move to another state or simply buy some property, you need to be aware of the varying rate of property taxes by state. Each state is different, and for that reason, we have written up the guide below. Let’s jump right into it.

The Basics of U.S. Property Taxes by State

Also known as “Ad Valorem tax,” property taxes represent the sum of money you pay for the property you own. This refers not only to private individuals but to legal entities as well, such as companies and corporations.

They are represented as rates, a percentage set by both local authorities like school boards and cities and actual U.S. states. However, states do have the final say in the matter, and they have established parameters in order to keep things uniform across the board.

While the actual state tax rates are relatively simple to understand, reaching a specific sum can be difficult.

You need to consider the value of your property before you buy it and then take into account your state’s tax rate as well as local municipal costs and rates.

Also, keep in mind that property taxes change on an annual basis, though some areas reassess this rate every couple of years. The best way to be certain about all of your other relevant costs and expenses is to contact your county or city assessor's office.

Property Tax Rate by State: An Overview

The table below provides a clear overview of every state’s property tax rate. They also show just how much these rates can vary from location to location. Furthermore, the table provides an overview of the median value of a property in specific states and how the tax rate can be applied to them.

StateAverage Property Tax Rate by StateMedian Home Value by StateAnnual Tax on Median Value of Property by StateAlabama0.41%$209,000$857Alaska1.19%$345,741$4,114Arizona0.66%$451,099$2,977Arkansas0.62%$180,282$1,118California0.76%$792,787$6,025Colorado0.51%$593,502$3,027Connecticut2.14%$383,934$8,216Delaware0.57%$358,080$2,041D.C.0.56%$811,792$4,546Florida0.89%$423,929$3,773Georgia0.92%$322,949$2,971Hawaii0.28%$1,055,488$2,955Idaho0.69%$468,858$3,235Illinois2.27%$270,237$6,134Indiana0.85%$223,194$1,897Iowa1.57%$194,962$3,061Kansas1.41%$209,278$2,951Kentucky0.86%$200,423$1,724Louisiana0.55%$217,296$1,195Maine1.36%$362,346$4,928Maryland1.09%$416,491$4,540Massachusetts1.23%$607,274$7,469Michigan1.54%$234,217$3,607Minnesota1.12%$337,891$3,784Mississippi0.81%$168,039$1,361Missouri0.97%$232,983$2,260Montana0.84%$457,014$3,839Nebraska1.73%$240,540$4,161Nevada0.60%$477,693$2,866New Hampshire2.18%$455,286$9,925New Jersey2.49%$484,393$12,061New Mexico0.80%$299,214$2,394New York1.72%$379,307$6,524North Carolina0.84%$326,383$2,742North Dakota0.98%$284,545$2,789Ohio1.56%$215,306$3,359Oklahoma0.90%$184,901$1,664Oregon0.97%$525,191$5,094Pennsylvania1.58%$269,306$4,255Rhode Island1.63%$446,155$7,272South Carolina0.57%$299,604$1,708South Dakota1.31%$296,908$3,889Tennessee0.71%$304,074$2,159Texas1.80%$316,247$5,692Utah0.63%$595,922$3,754Vermont1.90%$367,290$6,979Virginia0.82%$382,825$3,139Washington0.98%$628,988$6,164West Virginia0.58%$140,027$812Wisconsin1.858%$267,991$4,979Wyoming0.61%$324,707$1,981

Exploring Property Tax Rates

You might have noticed just how much property taxes by state vary.

Just as an example, you might pay the least amount of money ($812) on your property in West Virginia due to the low tax rate and low median property value. On the other hand, New Jersey is among the states with the highest property tax rate and the highest property values, leading to the highest median sum ($12,061) you might pay out on your property.

Keep in mind that if you don't pay your property tax rate, your local taxing authority can then put a tax lien on your property or on other financial assets. While not a complete seizure of your assets, it is a legal claim the government has over you. If you, for example, decide to sell said assets and properties, the government can take some or all of the funds you may receive.

While these tax rates are unpopular, as all taxes are, state property taxes are necessary for the funding of public schools, bridges, roads, and essentially everything that helps a country function. They make up an important part of a working society and country.


How much are property taxes?

The property tax rate per state can vary significantly (from 0.28% in Hawaii to 2.49% in New Jersey), but it isn’t the only factor that contributes to the overall costs. Other factors include:

  • Property size

  • Construction type

  • Age of property

  • Location

  • Property usage (residential, office, commercial, etc.)

Which state has the highest property taxes?

The state of New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the U.S., at 2.49% of your home’s value. So if we take into account the average median home value in New Jersey, at $484,393, you can expect to pay $12,061.

In what state is the property tax cheapest?

In contrast to New Jersey, Hawaii has the lowest property tax rate, at 0.28%. This makes it 8.9 times lower than the highest rate in the U.S. So even though the median home value in Hawaii is $1,055,488, more than twice that in New Jersey, you would only pay $2,955 in taxes. Other states with the lowest property tax are Alabama, with 0.41%, Colorado, with 0.51%, and Louisiana, with 0.55%.

Which state has no property tax in the USA?

All states in the United States of America have a property tax (though the numbers can vary significantly).

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