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NASDAQ OMX 100 Index

Last updated 25th Nov 2022


The term NASDAQ OMX 100 Index refers to a stock market index created by NASDAQ, a global financial technology, trading and information services provider. The NASDAQ OMX 100 Index is a composite of equites trading on the former OMX Exchange.


In February 2008, NASDAQ completed the acquisition of OMX, a Swedish-Finnish financial services company that controlled and operated eight Nordic and Baltic stock exchanges. In March of that same year, the NASDAQ OMX 100 was created as an indicator of the general health of equities trading on the former OMX exchanges.

The index is made up of the largest companies listed on the exchange in terms of market capitalization. Performance of the index is calculated based on market capitalization weights, which means the movement of common stocks of larger companies in the index, in terms of market capitalization, has a greater impact on the movement of the index. The performance of the composite can be tracked using the stock ticker QOMX.

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