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Full-Service Brokerage House

Last updated 4th Oct 2022


The term full-service brokerage house refers to a firm that charges a commission for providing a wide variety of financial and investment services. Through their brokers, full-service brokerage houses allow investors not only to buy and sell publicly traded securities but also provide investment advice to their clientele.


Also referred to as a full-service brokerage firm, a full-service brokerage house provides a large suite of services to clientele including the trading of securities, investment research services, tax planning advice, and constructing long-term retirement plans. The fees charged by these firms will be relatively high because they offer their clientele a wider variety of personalized services.

For example, full-service brokers will staff experts which can provide investors with insights into the latest estate planning strategies. Their services will also be customized to factors such as the investor's desired retirement age, risk profile, and net worth. Individual stockbrokers or financial advisors may be assigned to high net worth individuals. The overall objective of these organizations is to facilitate the realization and rationalization of the individual's long term fiscal targets.

The research departments of a full-service brokerage house will also be relatively large, and the firm will employ analysts that are experts in relatively narrow sectors of the economy. These analysts will publish industry reports, which provide investment recommendations to the firm's clients.

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