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Top 20 Recruitment Blogs of 2022

Last updated 25th Nov 2022

A recruiter has the task of finding the perfect candidate for each position. They are what connects companies and talented individuals.

Many experienced recruiters write blogs detailing their extensive knowledge of the industry acquired over the years. For those who are in the recruitment industry or are job-seeking, these blogs provide invaluable information for career progression. We at Moneyzine.com decided to compile a list of the top 20 recruitment blogs with the most helpful and interesting content.

Hppy - Employee Engagement Blog

Hppy is a HR and employee engagement community that gathers a team of authors with vast experience in recruitment. The updates are often daily, and the topics covered range from talent management to employee turnover, HR trends, and workplace happiness. The blog is primarily attractive for recruiters and employers, but candidates could find useful info, too.

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Tim Sackett Project

Tim Sackett is a Michigan-based HR and recruiting professional with over 20 years of experience. He says that the blog is “his therapy” and a way of sharing his thoughts. Tim is the best proof that content is what matters most. Although the blog layout is simplistic, the style of writing is fun. There isn’t a clear update schedule, but Tim tries to post every couple of days. Recruiters and employers are the primary target audience, but some posts are focused on talents.

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In-House Recruitment Blog

In-House Recruitment is a team of experienced HR and recruiting professionals that gather the fastest-growing industry community in the UK. The blog section gets up to five new posts monthly, but they are highly detailed and valuable. The topics range from employer branding to assessment and selection to diversity and inclusion.

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Social Hire

Although Social Hire is primarily a social media marketing team, they have an entire section focused on recruitment. Their posts cover anything from using chatbots and other technology perks in the selection process to practices of hiring for a certain position. Small businesses and candidates will also find categories with suitable content for them.

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Evil HR

Suzanne Lucas thought of a fantastic name for her blog. But the Evil HR Lady isn’t really evil. On the contrary, she has loads of great content on human resources. Her blog is a must-read for business owners and talents ready to take their careers forward.

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The Savage Truth

Gregg Savage has a convenient surname for an amazing blog name! The Australian recruiting expert has a career that spans over four decades. The blog has hundreds of useful posts, including news updates, tips for businesses, etc. You can expect weekly updates with writing that’s both fun and offers valuable info for everyone in the recruitment industry.

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The Employer Handbook

Eric B. Meyer is a professional lawyer with expertise in the employment area. If you are interested in recruiting and employment from a legal point of view, this blog offers great content. The updates are almost daily, and employers are the primary focus of the content. Eric shares insights about interesting court cases, relevant news, etc.

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UK Recruiter – Louise’s Blog

UK Recruiter is a knowledge network focusing on the recruitment market in the United Kingdom. But the blog offers a huge range of useful content regardless of your location. It covers candidate sourcing, managing teams, optimizing CVs, and many other topics. The update frequency varies, but it won’t go more than a couple of days before a new update. The writing style is professional, and you can even apply for a newsletter to receive more valuable info in your inbox.

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Jim Stroud

Jim Stroud isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. The blog covers controversial and intriguing society-related topics, but it also has many posts related to recruitment. You’ll find them categorized in a separate section for easier browsing. Stroud primarily focuses on recruiters and employers. He has sections dedicated to social recruiting, as well as two HR podcasts related to HR interviews and issues that professionals encounter while doing their jobs.

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Hunted offers lots of industry content. You can browse posts or check the reading lists on various topics, such as moving jobs, improving productivity, etc. The website has one of the best designs among recruitment blogs, with a modern interface and fast loading times.

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Tangie Pettis is a talent acquisitor with over 20 years of experience working with reputable companies and organizations in the USA. Each post for the blog is chosen carefully, and categories range from social recruiting to search techniques. Both newbies and experienced recruiters will find SourceCon useful for expanding their knowledge.

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Recruitment Juice

Recruitment Juice focuses on helping recruiters improve their knowledge and navigate the market. It covers all essential categories, ranging from coaching and training to staff retention, leadership, and sales. Apart from excellent content, the website looks visually attractive. Updates are regular, and contributors have specialist experience in training, recruitment, customer service, and online learning.

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Jan Tegze

Jan Tegze is a Czech talent acquisition expert, speaker, trainer, and book author. His blog offers a simple layout with easy access to new and popular posts. Jan writes whenever he identifies an interesting topic, and his tips on job searching will be valuable for those seeking to find a new job. You’ll also learn about using different tech tools to your advantage in the recruitment industry.

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The UK software company HireServe gathers experts, and you can see that in their blog posts. It focuses on recruiters making the most out of the analytics and the entire recruitment process. The blog isn’t afraid to cover sensitive topics, such as unconscious bias, while selecting candidates.

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Wizard Sourcer

Jonathan Kidder works with companies to improve their ability to attract top talent. As a professional book author, his writing is valuable and of superb quality. Jonathan founded the blog in 2015, so there’s loads of content, along with occasional updates. He reviews the latest industry tools and solutions and shares tips that new and experienced recruiters will find useful.

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The Big Game Hunter

Jeff Altman is a US-based career, leadership, and executive coach behind this blog. While the content has useful insights for employers, it focuses on those looking for a job. With each post, you can learn from Jeff’s experience and improve your odds of landing that dream job position. Jeff aims at a modern writing style and even published YouTube videos to go with blog posts.

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Dan Tudor

Dan Tudor is the founder, but multiple authors contribute to the site. The blog, as well as other sections, features one of the richest databases of valuable data. It has more than 50 categories, ranging from career development and social media to time management and planning, and the updates are regular. The writing style is professional but enticing since authors are often directly speaking to the reader.

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Elliott Scott HR

Elliott Scott has a blog written by a team of experts working for the company that has seven different branches worldwide. You’ll find HR insights and podcasts, tips for employers on workforce management, but also tips for candidates eager to make a career change and take a step in the right direction. Blog post types vary from market updates to survey results and professional insights and opinions.

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Fast Track Recruitment Blog

Mitch Sullivan has three decades of recruitment experience and clearly demonstrates this in his blog. He worked in the UK as a national sales recruitment specialist and now lives in Switzerland. Mitch chooses short headlines and attractive topics to make the content catchy for readers. The updates are occasional, but the existing content is incredibly interesting.

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Vanilla Recruitment

Eloise Shelton runs the Vanilla Recruitment blog. She writes monthly posts about the latest news and insights. Eloise discusses intriguing topics like employees’ well-being and offers tips and suggestions on proper ways for companies to handle their workforce to show their appreciation and improve retention.

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Final Thoughts

Recruitment blogs are a true gem for everyone in the industry, ranging from candidates to recruiters and company managers. Experts share tips for free, meaning you don’t have to invest a cent to gain valuable advice from experienced professionals. Don’t hesitate to check the blogs above, as they could offer the competitive advantage you need to succeed in any industry!

Blog Criteria

Here is how we picked the best recruitment blogs:

  • Qualified/experienced author: If they have experience in the industry and work with companies and candidates, they can provide credible knowledge.

  • Relevancy: Is there useful information about the recruitment process, and does the author provide valuable tips and actionable insights?

  • Range of information topics: These include focusing on finding the best talent for recruiters, preparing for interviews and learning how to advance your career for candidates, and how to handle staff members better for employers.

  • Regular upload schedule: Providing new content regularly is important to keep the readers engaged.

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