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Summary of Qualifications

Last updated 4th Oct 2022


A Summary of Qualifications is used to briefly explain why a job applicant is qualified to work for a potential employer. A Summary of Qualifications can be included as a section in a resume, or reside within the cover letter.


The Summary of Qualification is used to tell the hiring company, or recruiter, why the job applicant is qualified for a job opening and deserves an interview for the position. Since the summary of qualifications is telling the hiring company how their previous work experience has prepared them for a particular job opening, it should be aligned with each type of job, or position, sought.

Summaries appearing in a cover letter can be longer than those on a resume. Regardless of the document, the Summary of Qualifications should emphasize how past performance qualifies the applicant for the job opening. Summaries containing facts (dollars saved, quality or quantity of work completed), are deemed more credible than vague statements of past accomplishments.


The following is an example of a Summary of Qualifications statement, which can be included in a cover letter or resume:

I have used my business knowledge and leadership skills to achieve top quartile results in all operational areas under my control. Financial results followed this improved operational performance, and all production run schedules were delivered on time and under budget. Total savings from process improvements approached $3.5 million last year.

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