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Stress Interview

Last updated 25th Nov 2022


The term stress interview is used to describe a technique that deliberately places the job candidate in a stressful situation to observe how the candidate reacts during the job interview.


The stress placed on a job candidate can be as simple as making the job candidate wait needlessly for the interview to start, or making them hurry to their appointment. Alternatively, the person conducting the interview can attempt to introduce stress into the interviewing process itself. This can be accomplished by becoming argumentative with the job applicant, or by exhibiting rude behaviors towards the interviewee.

Stress interviews should be used sparingly by companies, since they can sometimes damage the relationship between the applicant, and the company or hiring manager. They are one of several ways interview panels can assess the job applicant's ability to work under pressure.

Unfortunately, stress interviews may cause the successful candidate to refuse a job offer. However, if the operating environment is truly filled with stress, this may be a desirable outcome.

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Moneyzine Editor