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Last updated 4th Oct 2022


The term resume posting is used to describe a free service, which allows the client to post their resume to an online database, which can be queried by potential employers and recruiters.


Resume posting is one of several methods a job hunter can use to market their resume. Since resume posting is a database-driven approach to finding potential employees, the job hunter needs to be careful to include key words and phrases in their resume. This increases the likelihood that a recruiter, or potential employer, finds their resume when searching the database.

Resume posting is an effective way for job hunters, which are not actively looking for work, to get noticed and presented with potential opportunities at new companies. Resume posting is a passive approach to job hunting because it does not actively market the resume to others. More aggressive approaches include using fee-based services such as resume distribution providers, or resume blasting.

Examples of resume posting websites include those hosted by Monster and CareerBuilder.

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