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Resume Distribution

Last updated 25th Nov 2022


The term resume distribution is used to describe a fee-based service that allows the client to select from a database, or list, of potential employers that will be sent a copy of their electronic resume.


Resume distribution services are one of several ways a job hunter can market their resume. This method of resume distribution is considered both a targeted and a proactive approach, since the job hunter is "pushing" their resume out to potential employers, or recruiters, which they have pre-selected.

The price for using a resume distribution service typically starts around $50, and increases with the level of customization performed and the volume of resumes distributed. In many situations, the applicant is granted access to the database, and uses keyword filters to decide where their resume will be sent.

Using a resume distribution service is a less aggressive marketing approach when compared to resume blasting, and a more aggressive approach than resume posting. All three forms of distribution can usually deliver a paper resume to the human resources department of a corporation, in addition to a copy of the electronic resume.

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