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Last updated 29th Nov 2022


The term job hunter is used to describe a person that is actively seeking employment. The near term goal of the job hunter is a job interview, which may lead to a change in employer.


The job hunter can use several tools, and marketing methods, to help them find suitable employment, including:

  • Resumes: the primary marketing tool of the job hunter, which outlines their past work history, accomplishments, skills, and knowledge.
  • Resume Distribution Services: techniques used to market a resume, increasing the likelihood of a positive response by potential employers.
  • Recruiters: professionals that specialize in the placement of skilled workers at companies.
  • Career Assessments: formal evaluations of the individual's attitude, skills, knowledge, likes, and dislikes. The ultimate goal is to place a job hunter in a position where they can both succeed and enjoy their work.
  • Networking: creating or fostering relationships with people that might be able to help the job hunter to secure an interview.
  • Classifieds: includes reviewing information appearing in local newspapers as well as online advertisements for job openings.

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