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Job Club (Job-Finding Club)

Last updated 29th Nov 2022


The term job club refers to small groups of people that regularly meet to talk about job opportunities and advancing their careers. Job clubs can be both formal and informal organizations formed with the purpose of providing members with assistance, support, and advice.


Also known as job-finding clubs, a job club can consist of a relatively informal network of individuals helping each other to locate jobs, as well as a formal club led by a career counselor. Regardless of the setting, the purpose of these organizations is to provide participants with career advice, with emphasis on helping the unemployed locate work.

Members are expected to provide constructive feedback, identify job leads, and even help conduct mock interviews. In addition to career advice, job clubs provide members with the emotional support network they may need to remain optimistic.

Typically, clubs will have around 20 active members, and meetings are usually held weekly. Meetings may be held in a private home, municipal building, library, place of worship, or even a local restaurant. Dues are normally collected if there is an ongoing expense associated with conducting the meetings. Agendas will be determined ahead of time and will usually include sharing ideas on job leads, as well as results from the prior week's efforts. Time may also be dedicated to critiquing resumes as well as mock job interviews.

It's often possible to locate local job clubs on state-sponsored career centers, unemployment services departments, or a department of labor website.

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