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Introductory Paragraph

Last updated 29th Nov 2022


An introductory paragraph is used in a resume cover letter to grab the reader's attention, and convince them that it is worthwhile to read more of the document. The introductory paragraph should include a brief overview of skills and experience, and a fact-based approach to achievements.


The information in an introductory paragraph should mirror the information already contained in the resume. It is a preview of what appears on the resume and should include the job applicant's most significant accomplishments and skills.

The introductory paragraph is one of three components that should be part of the resume's cover letter. The other components include the cover letter body, and the closing paragraph.


Below is an example of a sentence that might be included in an introductory paragraph:

I have combined my MBA in Corporate Finance with my work experience in regulatory affairs, marketing research, and strategic planning, to develop business cases resulting in multimillion dollar investments by XYZ Company.

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