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Last updated 29th Nov 2022


The term hiring manager is used to describe the manager, or supervisor, who is looking to fill a position in their organization. The hiring manager is usually the person the job applicant would be reporting to if they were to be offered, and accepted, a position at the hiring company.


The hiring process involves a number of steps, many of which involve the hiring manager including:

  • Requisition: sending a request to human resources to fill a job opening
  • Job Specifications: drafting the requirements of the job to be filled
  • Questions: developing the questions to be asked during the interview
  • Screening: reviewing cover letters, resumes and job applications, selecting the job applicants to be interviewed
  • Interviews: participating or overseeing the interview process
  • Data Integration: compiling information from those individuals conducting interviews
  • Offer: packaging the compensation offer with a member of human resources
  • Onboarding: choosing the start date, securing information the new hire will need as they become acclimated to their new workplace

The hiring manager often leads, or helps to coordinate, the job interview process; usually working with a member of the human resources department. The hiring manager can perform screening interviews and telephone interviews, in addition to in-person interviews.

During the process of selecting a successful candidate, sometimes referred to as data integration, the hiring manager's opinion is usually weighted more heavily in the decision.

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