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Entry Level Job

Last updated 29th Nov 2022


The term entry level job refers to a position designed for recent academic graduates that do not possess prior work experience. An individual accepting an entry level position would typically receive some form of on-the-job training, and would not be required to possess any specialized skills.


Also referred to as an entry level position, an entry level job is usually reserved for individuals just entering the workforce. Historically, an entry level position required the job applicant to possess at least a high school diploma. When unemployment is high, and a large number of the unemployed possess college diplomas, employers may require entry level job candidates to possess a college degree. This trend is known as degree inflation.

Entry level positions can include both part time as well as full time employment. When the job involves part time work, the company has the option to offer fewer benefits than those provided to their full time employees. The ideal candidate for an entry level position is one that acquired knowledge of a field of work through their academic studies, and is now looking to apply that knowledge in a real world setting.

Entry level jobs are oftentimes structured to be the starting point in a growth series. For example, a company might post an entry level analyst position. As the analyst gains experience, they can be moved into a higher-level senior analyst position.

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