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Delegation Skills

Last updated 23rd Sep 2022


Delegation involves working with subordinates to establish direction, authority, and responsibility. In reality, the leader, or the person delegating this authority, retains responsibility even though task completion may have been assigned to others.


Developing delegation skills are important to a leader's success. Delegating a task to a subordinate does not hand over responsibility, since it was the delegator's decision to assign this task to another person.

Developing good delegation skills can sometimes be a challenge for leaders. Managers that are new to a workgroup must first gain the understanding and trust of others. Ultimately, the objective of delegation is to have the work performed by someone else in the workgroup. Delegating, as a practice, will create a more efficient and effective team. Some of the other positive aspects of delegation include:

  • A larger distribution of skills throughout the group
  • Load-leveling of work within the group
  • Creating an environment where motivation thrives

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