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Conflict Resolution Skills

Last updated 23rd Sep 2022


The ability to remove stress, maintain control, and work towards a win-win solution is known as conflict resolution skills. Conflict arises from a disagreement, but also involves a perceived threat to the interests or concerns of the individuals involved.


Developing conflict resolution skills are important to being an effective leader. Tense and uncomfortable situations at work often have a de-motivating affect on employees. When conflict exists in the workplace, a leader skilled at conflict resolution will be able to transform the situation into a win-win experience for the workgroup.

Some of the key conflict resolution skills include:

  • Being able to identify and resolve conflict in a variety of settings
  • Learning to take control over the situation before it escalates
  • Building partnerships that can help to mend relationships after conflict occurs

Conflict resolution can be a topic that is difficult to understand, until the leader is put into a situation where the skills are needed. While training and role play can be effective management tools, the leader must remember the most important thing to do is to maintain control and work towards a win-win situation.

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