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Closing Paragraph

Last updated 23rd Sep 2022


The closing paragraph of a cover letter confirms the writer's interest in discussing job opportunities that may exist at a prospective employer's company. The statement should give the reader a sense of confidence, and optimism, about the job candidate's future potential with the company.


The closing paragraph of a cover letter is sometimes just one sentence, which summarizes the actions the writer would like the company or recruiter to take in the coming weeks or days. It's a "call to action," essentially requesting the reader to contact the job applicant.

The closing paragraph is one of three components that should be part of the resume's cover letter. The other components include the introductory paragraph and the cover letter body.


A well-written closing paragraph should demonstrate enthusiasm, explain how the applicant can contribute to the success of the company, and include a call to action:

I look forward to meeting with your financial management team and discussing how my experience in constructing multi-million dollar budgets can contribute significantly to the bottom line success of your company.

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