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Last updated 4th Oct 2022


The term active job search refers to a process that involves preparing materials needed to complete a job application, practicing interviewing techniques, while seeking out new opportunities. Active job search techniques also involve posting resumes, networking, as well as reviewing job postings, and also keep an eye on companies that have a high employee turnover rate.


Active job searching typically occurs when an individual believes they are in need of a new job. These job seekers will use a variety of techniques in their search, as well as preparation for an interview. For example, the job seeker will use the following approaches:

  • Documents: update their resume and cover letter, ensuring recent experience and skills are reflected in these materials.

  • Networking: extend their outreach efforts by leveraging social networks, job fairs, industry contacts and events, as well as seeking the help of a recruiter.

  • Interviews: includes reviewing past accomplishments, in addition to refining skills by practicing behavioral interviewing techniques.

  • Identifying Opportunities: includes searching for matches on job search engines, identifying prospective employers, and actively monitoring company websites for postings that match the job seeker's skills and experience.

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Moneyzine Editor