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One of the critical sections of a resume, a well-written list of accomplishments increases the marketability of the job applicant more than any other section appearing in the document. Accomplishments will be included in the chronological, functional, and combination resume formats.


When constructing accomplishments, the message the writer needs to convey to potential employers is:

"I was able to successfully direct the efforts of others to achieve a variety of goals at my organization. Look at all the things I have accomplished, there is no reason to believe that I could not do the same for your organization."

When writing accomplishments, it's important to quantify the impacts, whenever possible. Recruiters, hiring managers, and potential employers, give more weight to resumes that provide factual information.

A resume is not the place for modesty, understating achievements is just as bad as overstating them.


An accomplishment statement appearing in a resume takes the following form:

Managed a team of eight associates, which were successful in launching five Lean Six Sigma process improvement initiatives targeting an area of operational efficiency. Bottom-line benefit to the company exceeded $5 million annually.

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