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Articles: Retirement Calculators

We have over twenty online retirement calculators for you to choose from. While the rules used to create these calculators can get complex, it's easy enough to see that they fall into two categories. The first set includes those that look at the general growth of retirement funds over time, while the second set includes calculators that can be used to help evaluate the various retirement planning choices you may have at work.

Retirement Funds Calculators

These calculators look at your retirement portfolio holistically. They can help you figure out how much money you'll have in retirement, and how much annual income you might expect in your retirement years. One calculator even let's you see the impact of inflation on those future dollars:

Specialty Retirement Calculators

This second set of retirement calculators takes a closer look at specialty retirement funds that are available to you such as Roth IRA accounts, traditional IRAs and 401k savings plans. Whether it's a choice between a Roth and a traditional IRA, or understanding the tax implications of each type of account, these are the retirement calculators you'll want to use: