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Professional Surveyor Exam (PS Exam)

Last updated 23rd Sep 2022


The term Professional Surveyor Exam refers to the second of a two-step process that candidates will go through as they pursue their professional land surveying license. The Professional Surveyor Exam, or PS Exam, is sponsored by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying. The exam is designed for individuals that have at least four years of experience as surveyors.


In the United States, local state boards grant an individual a license to practice their surveying skills. The Professional Surveyor Exam, or PS Exam, is the second and final step individuals will take as they seek their license.

The examination is a closed-book, "pencil and paper" based test offered in April and October each year. Examinees are given six hours to answer approximately 100 questions. The day is split into a 67 question, four hour morning session and a 33 question, two hour afternoon session. The examination tests the candidate's knowledge in the following areas: standards and specifications, legal principles, professional practices, business practices, as well as survey types.

Results are released to state licensing boards eight to ten weeks following the examination. Candidates are given pass / fail grades determined by experts and measured against performance that corresponds to the minimal competence for this discipline. First-time pass rates for PS Exams are near 70%; however, pass rates for repeat-takers is closer to 40%.

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